Student Services Center

Welcome to the CLASS Student Services Center!

CLASS is an acronym for the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences. Our college puts the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of the work we do to support our students in the classroom and beyond. The CLASS Student Services is an important part of that student support.

Services provided by the Student Services Center include

  • sharing general information about all major and minor programs in CLASS;
  • connecting students to CLASS departments, faculty and professional advisors, and other campus resources;
  • advising students on course selection, major requirements, upper-division GE and graduation requirements, appropriate forms and procedures, and other academic and registration issues;
  • assisting with student registration forms and procedures, such as late add, late drop, late withdrawal petitions, and special registration petitions.



Lower-Division Students (Frosh and Sophomores)

All Frosh and Sophomores have been assigned a FASST advisor who will help you with all your advising needs. Learn more here: LINK

Upper-Division Students (Juniors and Seniors)

Major Advising: Find your major advisor here: LINK

Major Advisors can help you track your progress toward completing your major requirements, help you choose classes for the next term, and complete your major check when you have filed for graduation.

GE/University Graduation Requirements: In addition to major requirements, all upper-division students must also complete University requirements, including Breadth (upper-division GE), Overlays, American Institutions, and complete the correct number of units, including total units, residence units, and upper-division units. This can be tricky!

You can make sure you understand GE/ University by making an appointment with one of our CLASS advisors.

Bay Advisor is used to make appointments and you can easily book an appointment using these links:

Jerome Narvaez: Link

Wendy Couttien: Link

Terry Cunningham: Link

(Note: Drop-in Advising Hours have been temporarily suspended)

Can’t find your advisor? Not sure who can best answer your advising question?

Send a quick email to For a prompt reply, please send your question from your horizon email and include your NETID in the subject line!