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Photo of Wendy Ng

Wendy Ng, Ph.D.



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Location: Music Building, Room 1501

Photo of Ethel Nicdao

Ethel Nicdao, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs & Administration

Location: Music Building, Room 1511

Ethel is a Professor of Sociology. Her formative years were spent in San Francisco and Sacramento. As a medical sociologist, her qualitative research projects center on health disparities among minority populations. She applies a community-based participatory research (CBPR) approach and intersectionality lens to examine the mental health and well-being of adults. Her current CBPR projects include an examination of the mental health and housing needs of People Living with HIV in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties; and the intergenerational mental health among Filipinx-American families in San Joaquin County. Since 2014, she has been a faculty affiliate with the Center for Participatory Research at the University of New Mexico.
Prior to joining Cal State East Bay, she was a professor and department chair of Sociology at Cal State San Bernardino (2018-2023), and Sociology department chair at the University of the Pacific (2007-2018) in Stockton, CA. She received her Sociology degrees from UC Davis (B.A.), Cal State East Bay (M.A.), and the University of New Mexico (PhD). Additionally, she was a National Institute of Mental Health Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research. Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Disparities in Mental Health Training Program) with an appointment site at the University of Washington, Seattle.
Photo of Linda Ivey

Linda Ivey, Ph.D.

Interim Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Curriculum

Location:  Music Building, Room 1511


Linda is serving as Interim Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Curriculum. She joined the History Department in 2006, is currently Professor of History, and holds the PhD. in environmental history from Georgetown University. Her research focuses on ethnicity and land in California, with an emphasis on how nativistic attitudes towards land impacted the experience of immigrants to the US from 1860-1960. She is the co-author of Documents of the Japanese Internment: Eyewitness to History (ABC-Clio, 2020) and Citizen Internees: A Second Look at Race and Citizenship in Japanese American Internment Camps (Praeger, 2017), both with Dr. Kevin Kaatz.  She has also authored “Ethnicity in the Land: Lost Stories in California Agriculture” in Agricultural History (2007); “Apples and Experts: Evolving Notions of Sustainable Agriculture” in Global Environment(2014); “Protecting the People’s Mountain: Hiking and the Roots of Environmentalism in Marin County” in Sports in the Bay Area: Golden Gate Athletics, Recreation and Community (University of Arkansas Press, 2017); and “Riotous Environments: Filipino Immigrants in the Fields of California” in  An Environmental History of Modern Migrations (Routledge Press, 2017).  Her current research examines the role of race and nativism in the history of forced migration and internal displacement within the US during the 20th century.

Linda previously served as Chair of the History Department from 2012-2019 where she led the department through significant curricular and programmatic revisions during the semester conversion process. Dr. Ivey has also been deeply involved in shared governance, serving several terms on the Academic Senate, as well as three years on the Executive Committee, and one year as Vice Chair. She has also served on several standing and university committees: CIC; GEOC; UTP and CLASS RTP committees; the Professional Leave Committee; as Chair of the 2018-19 Workload Task Force; and as Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee from 2020-2022.  Most recently, she served as Coordinator of the MA Program in History, 2020-2023.



Photo of Mary Kendall

Mary Kendall

Assistant to the Dean and Associate Deans

Office: 510-885-2502
Location: MB 1501

Photo of Katherine Daval-Santos

Katherine Daval-Santos

Administrative Analyst/Specialist

Office:  510-885-3139
Location: MB 1511

Photo of Rob Gutner

Rob Gutner

Budget and Data Specialist

Office: 510.885.2982
Location:  MB 1503