Green Biome Institute

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The newly launched Green Biome Institute (GBI) is focused on conservation and faculty/student research involving genomic profiling and seed/tissue banking of California’s endangered plants. The GBI is the first conservation and genomic profiling institute in the California State University or University of California systems, and aligns with our focus on sustainability and the Biology faculty’s deep expertise in plant research.

Nearly 1,000 plants have been listed as threatened or endangered by the California Native Plant Society. These plants are in danger of being lost forever, with no understanding of their biology, ecological interactions, and potential human benefits.


Our Mission

  • Short read sequencing for all 302 endangered plants of California as classified by CNPS (to be completed by 2026)
  • Rank and select plants based on endangered priority and potential for traits that can improve agriculture & human lives (see a list of plants with medicinal properties here)
  • Create and archive a molecular profile of each endangered plant, preserving its genetic information (genome, transcriptome, epigenome and microbiome)
  • Maintain and preserve endangered plants through propagation and seed banks
  • Post and distribute all knowledge freely.
  • Sponsor exceptional and meaningful student research to grow tomorrow’s leaders.

Each project is to be conducted by CSUEB students, mentored by CSUEB faculty, and encompassing studies of biology, chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science, computer science, statistics, and mathematics.

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