Reflection on the Group Process for CBR Proposal for HDEV 3203

Author: E. Maxwell Davis, Ph.D., Department of Human Development

HDEV 3203: Applying Theory and Methods in Human Development

Formal Writing Assignment #2.5: Reflection on the Group Process
Due: Tuesday June 9, 2015
Worth: Priceless

As an element of your final research proposal for this class, you are asked to write a one to two page reflection about the group process involved in the creation of that proposal. Specifically, I want you to write about the following three points:

1) Please estimate the percentage of total effort expended toward the completion of this project by each person in your work group (including yourself) in the form of a percentage table. As an example, you might create a table like the one below. The percentages you indicate should add up to 100%.

NamePercent of Total Effort
Veronica 15%
Alex 20%
Dana 10%
Marjorie 50%
Dean 5%

2) Please assess the quality of the work produced on the final research proposal by each member of your work group (including yourself) by assigning letter grades for that work. As an example, you might create a table like the one below. Please remember that these grades refers to the quality of each person’s ultimate contribution, regardless of the scale of that contribution as reflected in Table 1.

NameQuality of Work
Veronica A-
Alex B
Dana C+
Marjorie B-
Dean A

3) Please provide a brief narrative about any particular difficulties or rewards that you encountered in the process of completing this project as part of a work group. In this narrative you should relate anything that you think I need to know about the group process in relation to your own experience and the final work product. This should not be seen an opportunity to “snitch” on your work partners but rather as a way to provide me with some context for what I’m reading, an idea of what you see as the strengths and weaknesses of your work final product and an opportunity for you to demonstrate your reflexivity about the process of working in a group.

Formatting: As always, your work should be written using APA format and printed in Times New Roman 12 point font, double-spaced with one inch margins on all sides. Also as always, you should email your reflection on the group process to me as a Word document with your last name as the first word of the document title, indicating your section number somewhere in the body of the email. For example, mine would be "Davis reflection on proposal.docx."