Academic & Research Articles

Academic & Research Articles
Evidence of Unconscious Bias in Academic Settings Earth Institute at Colombia University DSJGuide Unconscious Bias.PDF A list of studies and evidence demonstrating unconscious bias.
No Credit Where Credit Is Due: Attributional Rationalization of Women’s Success in Male–Female Teams By Heilman and Haynes, New York University DSJGuide Journal Women Competency.PDF A journal article describes 3 experimental studies into stereotype-based negative expectations about women’s performance. Results showed that female members were devalued as compared with their male counterparts—they were rated as being less competent, less influential, and less likely to have played a leadership role in work on the task. (2005)
Implicit Bias: Scientific Foundations By Greenwald and Kriegert DSJGuide Implicit Bias.PDF A California Law Review article introducing implicit bias-an aspect of the new science of unconscious mental processes that has substantial bearing on discrimination law. (2006)
White Privilege and Male Privilege By Peggy McIntosh DSJGuide White And Male Privilege.PDF An article examining the layers of denial of privilege, and how to train oneself to be aware of privilege. (2003)