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Department of Economics

Welcome to the Economics Department!

Our department is housed in the College of Business and Economics. We are proud of our diverse body of students and our vibrant undergraduate and graduate programs in Economics and Business.

Our faculty hold PhDs from leading universities and have diverse backgrounds, teaching, and research interests. In addition to receiving numerous grants and publishing in major academic journals in Economics, members of our faculty receive consistently high teaching evaluations, and some have been recognized with teaching awards. They also have made intellectual contributions via publications in books and textbooks of general interest, conferences, media presentations, and studies regarding local community issues, as well as refereeing for a variety of academic journals and in some cases serving as editors or on editorial boards. Our scenic campus is geographically located in one of the most dynamic technological, scientific and cultural hubs in the world.

Department of Economics

California State University, East Bay
  • 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd
  • VBT 441, 4th floor
  • Monday - Friday
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Hayward, CA 94542