Social Justice Principles

CSUEB EdD  Social Justice Principles

Our faculty are guided by the following social justice principles:

  1. The transformative power of language. We believe that language has the transformative power to courageously cultivate conditions that reject systems, practices, and behaviors that reinforce unequal power relations and create new possibilities for a more just society. We COMMIT to being purposeful leaders who reflect upon and problematize our choice of language in our teaching, program, work and beyond.
  2. Transformation of systems. We believe that institutional systems and policies can contribute to the maintenance and expansion of historic oppressions, particularly for minoritized and racialized groups. We COMMIT to 1) critically analyzing the institutional structures that contribute to minoritizing oppressed groups and 2) leveraging our privileges, resources, and systems to lead the disruption of inequitable systems and creation of alternatives.
  3. Empowering minoritized perspectives. We believe that empowering minoritized perspectives in critical inquiry and dialog can produce more holistic insights and inspire transformation possibilities. We COMMIT to becoming a community of critical practitioner scholars who empower multiple perspectives and analyses in order to provoke thought and cultivate change agency.
  4. Community solidarity. We believe that powerful change happens when people develop collective agency and efficacy to disrupt historical injustices and create more equitable learning communities. We COMMIT to collectively stand in solidarity with our students to build connected communities that lead the transformation of oppressive systems and practices within our educational contexts.
  5. Critical reflection. We believe that critical, humble, and courageous self-reflection that acknowledges and identifies the ways we participate in reproducing inequalities is an essential practice for dismantling oppressive systems. We COMMIT to support and leverage practices of active listening and critical reflection among faculty and students that translates into leading transformative action.

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