Careers not requiring graduate study

A bachelor’s degree in Human Development or Women’s Studies makes you eligible for many kinds of employment!

Keep in mind that in a competitive market, some jobs may require additional experience or training.


Click on the subject areas below to see a list of job titles.

Certified Family Life Educator (requires certification)/ Parent Education Instructor

Family Resource Management (school staff)

Head Start Home Visitor

Advocate Case Manager

Community Organizer

Family Support Worker

Independent Living Specialist (for individuals with disabilities)

Family Interventionist/ Family Intervention Specialist

Individual and Family Support Services

Crisis Hotline Services staff (suicide, substance abuse, interpersonal violence)

Chid Life Specialist

Addictions Counselor

Victim Advocate

Family Services Advocate

Community Care Coordinator

Domestic Violence Counselor

Adoption Specialist

Child Welfare Specialist

Life Coach

Military Family Support Specialist

Resources for Children and Families Jobs:


California Head Start Association

Coco Kids (Contra Costa County)

4 C’s of Alameda County

Camp Hope America

AIDS Community Research Consortium

Family Caregiver Alliance

La Familia Counseling

Guardian Ad Litem

Political Organizer

Political Analyst

Consumer Protection Staff/Agent

Employee Assistance Program Staff

Family Policy Advocate

Resources for Public Policy and Advocacy Jobs:

La Casa de Las Madres

Institute of Applied Research and Policy Analysis - CSUSB

Health Educator

Health Services Analyst

Outreach Worker

Research Project Coordinator

Program Analyst/ Evaluation Specialist

Grants Management

Environmental Health Specialist

IRB/ Regulatory Manager

Social Caseworker

Food Assistance Specialist

Nutrition Educator

Hospital-based Family Support staff

Child Life Specialist

Holistic Health Center staff

Veterans Service Officer

Resources for Public Health Jobs:

Public Health Institute

Public Health Jobs

FACES for the Future Coalition

California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions

For information on advanced degrees and post-graduate training see Teaching Credentials under the Advanced Academic Education and Training section.

Private Preschools

Head Start

Childcare Centers

After School programming

Teacher’s Aid/ Para-educator

Applied behavior analyst

Academic Tutor

College Preparation Coach

Resources for Education Jobs:

Ed Join

Center for the Study of Child Care Employment

Elder Care Provider

Bereavement Coordinator

Veterans Service Officer

Service Coordinator in Senior Housing/

Senior Housing Service Director

Adult Daycare Services

Activities Coordinator in Senior Centers

Senior Center Director

Retirement Community Director

Assisted Living Program Director

Senior Advocate

Group Home Worker


Careers in Aging from

National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Administration for Community Living

American Society on Aging

If you enjoyed your research classes, you might want to consider applying for research assistant jobs at organizations that conduct applied research related to issues like education, health, or workforce development.  It is possible to move up in such organizations based on work experience, although they also hire people with advanced degrees at higher salaries. Working as a research assistant can be good preparation for applying to research-oriented graduate programs.  Typically, in these jobs you might help collect, input, and analyze data. They’re looking for people with research experience beyond what you’ve learned in your classes; the easiest way to initially gain research assistant experience is by volunteering to help a professor with their research.  Sometimes they are looking for specific abilities such as knowledge of how to do statistical analyses, fluency in another language, and/or willingness to travel to a research site.

Ed Trust - West


SRI International


American Institutes for Research

IMPAQ International

RTI International

Social Policy Research Associates

RAND Corporation

Applied Survey Research (ASR)

Applied Research + Evaluation

Race Forward


Center for Applied Research Solutions

Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network