Program Description

The Department of Human Development and Women's Studies offers the following BA degrees:

We also offer minors for students in other majors:

Within our program you can also obtain the following certificate:

Program Description

Human Development is an interdisciplinary program that integrates theory and methodology from disciplines such as anthropology, biology, linguistics, psychology, and sociology. Students majoring in Human Development explore the processes and mechanisms underlying developmental change and stability across the lifespan, and the sociocultural and historical contexts in which development takes place. The program's curriculum equips students with basic understanding of major research findings and core concepts in human development, the ability to critically analyze and evaluate theoretical and practical issues in the field, and the skills to apply their learning to diverse communities outside the university. The program strives to create an optimal learning community which values and fosters mutual learning and dialogue between and among students and faculty from diverse backgrounds.

During the senior year, Human Development majors focus their studies in a specific area. Students may choose one of the Department's five concentrations: Early Childhood Development, Childhood Development, Adolescent Development, Adult Development and Gerontology, or Women's Development. In addition to taking 10-12 units related to their chosen concentration, all seniors complete the Department's the capstone course: Senior Research Seminar (HDEV 499). In HDEV 499 students propose a research project based on a literature review, and then carry out their independent research project. This advanced course enables students to pursue a specialized research topic in depth.

The Human Development program is deeply committed to educational access and offers a broad range of educational formats, including fully online classes, hybrid classes which combine an online component with face-to-face interaction, and face-to-face lecture/discussion and seminar classes. The Major is offered at both the Hayward Hills and Concord campuses. The program also offers its major through P.A.C.E. (Program for Accelerated College Education).

Requirements for Human Development BA Degree

Requirements for the Human Development BA Degree include (I) Lower Division Core, (II) Upper Division Core, (III) Concentration Requirements, and (IV) the Senior Capstone Requirement.You can also find this information on the Degree Roadmap. 

I. Lower Division Core

Select three (3) courses for 9 units from the following categories, with no more than one course from each category (each course must be a minimum of 3-units each):

  • Select three (3) courses for 9 units from the following categories, with no more than one course from each category (each course must be a minimum of 3-units each)
    • Anthropology (cultural or social)
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • Human or child development
    • Ethnic or area studies
    • Human biology or physical anthropology
    • Additional categories (e.g., statistics, gerontology, developmental disabilities) may be approved by the department

II. Upper Division Core

The following 30 units of coursework are required:

  • HDEV 300 - Introduction to Human Development for Human Development Majors Units: 1
  • HDEV 301 - Theories of Human Development Units: 4
  • HDEV 302 - Research Methods in Human Development Units: 4
  • HDEV 311 - Infant and Child Development Units: 4
  • HDEV 312 - Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood Units: 4
  • HDEV 321 - Gender, Race & Class in Human Development Units: 4
  • HDEV 322 - Adult Development and Aging Units: 4
  • HDEV 400 - Futures and Careers for Human Development Majors Units: 1
  • HDEV 401 - Applying Theories and Methods in Human Development Units: 4

III. Concentration Requirement

Students must select one (1) of the following concentrations listed below for 10-12 units to complete the major. The courses you choose for this concentration requirement should correspond with your chosen concentration. You can choose from the following 5 Concentrations:

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Childhood Development
  • Adolescent Development
  • Adult Development and Gerontology
  • Women's Development

IV. Senior Capstone Requirement

The following 4-unit course is required as the senior capstone:

  • HDEV 499 - Senior Research Seminar Units: 4



Women's Studies


We offer a minor in Women's Studies for students in other majors: Women’s Studies Minor

If you are a Human Development major who is interested in Women's Studies, we recommend doing your senior concentration in Women's Development. 

For those interested in all things women and gender, please consider visiting our Women's Studies Club website, where you can find up-to-date postings on current events at CSUEB and in the Bay Area, as well as interesting writings on gender identities, relations, institutions and practices.

Mission Statement for the Minor in Women's Studies

Women’s Studies explores theoretical and empirical approaches to the study of gender across a range of contexts. Courses connect academic work with the social and political world outside the university, educate our students about a range of social issues and problems that relate to sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism, and ethnocentrism; and link knowledge, research, teaching, and social activism. We engage students in the study of gender and the intersection of gender with other substantive categories of analysis and identity, including race, sexuality, class, disability, and nationality. We promote responsible citizenship in a diverse local and global environment. We empower students to think more critically about social, cultural, and institutional structures, policies and practices.

Program Description

Undergraduate courses in Women’s Studies ensure that students receive an interdisciplinary education that bridges theory and practice, and focuses on the intersections of gender, race, class, sexuality, and nationality in all areas of research.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Graduates will be able to understand feminist theoretical and methodological perspectives on culture and society.
  • Graduates will have the analytic competency to critique social inequalities founded on the intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and nation.
  • Graduates will be able to critically reflect upon their own lives from a feminist perspective.
  • Graduates will comprehend the challenges of dismantling sexism and other oppressive beliefs, and will become leaders in work for social justice.

Online undergraduate degree completion in Human Development

California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences (CLASS) is offering a fully online undergraduate degree in Human Development. This online program distinguishes itself from the regular program, because students follow a structured step path, and every class is taken online. In the regular program most of the classes are online, with the occasional hybrid class when the online class in not available (which seldom happens). All Human Development concentrations are offered in the online program.  

The program would be of particular interest to transferring community college students who work full-time but still want to earn a four-year degree. We accept students at junior status (upper division transfer eligibility is required).  If you have pending lower division work to finish, you will need to complete those requirements while working on the HDEV online degree requirements. In addition because our program consists of solely upper division courses community college credits will not transfer to our major due to the fact that they are considered lower division; they will count only towards general education requirements. Due to the nature of the program current students who have already taken Upper Division Human Development courses are not eligible for the Human Development Online BA Major Completion Program.

The program has a two-step application process:

1. You need to apply and be accepted to the University. Go to the following link to apply to the University, Cal State Apply. To view the application deadlines visit the CSUEB's webpage on application deadlines.

2. Once you have your Net ID from the University, submit the secondary electronic application to the Online HDEV BA Degree Completion Program. Please note you need to click on the bar at the bottom of the page. If you do not complete the secondary application, you will remain a regular HDEV major (not included in the online cohort).

Please note that the online program only begins each Fall; we do not accept students for the Spring semester.  Please note that Online HDEV BA Degree Completion Program students enroll in four consecutive semesters (three to four courses per semester, including one Summer session) beginning in the Fall to complete the program.  

We review the applicants during mid-Spring to admit for the following Fall. Acceptance notifications will be sent out via Horizon e-mail account during Spring semester.

Regarding costs, please refer to Cost and Financial Aid for Prospective Students.

If you have questions regarding the Online HDEV BA Degree Completion Program please e-mail and the department admin will provide information.



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