Online Degree in Human Development

Human Development is a well-established major at California State University, East Bay with over 600 students, 20 faculty, and 30+ years of distance education experience. Our majors often go on to careers in education, social work, public administration, and child/family services; 35% of our graduates choose to attend grad school after earning their BA degrees.

Human Development majors use an interdisciplinary perspective to learn about developmental processes across the lifespan; faculty incorporate biological, sociological, anthropological, and psychological findings throughout coursework. In addition to core classes that all majors take, students also choose from one of the following concentrations:

Early Childhood Development
Childhood Development
Adolescent Development
Adult Development & Gerontology
Women's Development


The majority of Human Development majors complete their degrees fully online.

Students in our department come from diverse backgrounds: most are working full or part time, many are raising families, and many live outside of the Bay Area. We work with our students by offering online, evening, and daytime classes; students can select in-person classes, zoom-based online classes, or asychronous online courses

You can apply to the California State University, East Bay at Cal State Apply. Select the Human Development major and choose the concentration of your choice. All Human Development concentrations can be completed online. 


Online Cohorts: An option for Human Development majors

The Department has noticed that many students enjoy seeing familiar faces in their online classes - students like to get to know each other, study together, and help each other stay on track. To help facilitate this, our department has created Human Development Online Cohorts for students entering the program. Many students find cohorts to be beneficial, but please note that they are optional. 

Here’s what being in a Human Development Online Cohort looks like:

- You can select from the following cohorts: Daytime Zoom Classes, Evening Zoom Classes, or Asynchronous Classes.
- Each semester, the Cohort Coordinator will let you know which core Human Development section to register for. In the Fall Semester, you will take 13 units in Human Development; in the Spring Semester, you will complete 12 Human Development units.
- You will take your core Human Development classes with the other students in your group.
- You will be added to a HDEV cohort group on Canvas, where you can connect with fellow majors.

Students who are interested in joining the Human Development Online Cohort program should fill out the supplemental form below. You will be notified of your acceptance into the program during the Spring Semester.  If you have any questions about your HDEV application, please email us at: