Online Program in Human Development

California State University, East Bay is offering a fully online undergraduate degree in Human Development. The program distinguishes itself as students follow a structured step path, and every class is taken online. Students choose from one of the following concentrations:

Early Childhood Development
Childhood Development
Adolescent Development
Adult Development & Gerontology
Women's Development


A quality public education featuring flexibility for today's busy students.


You can apply to the California State University, East Bay at Cal State Apply. Select the Human Development major and choose the concentration of your choice. All Human Development concentrations can be completed online. If you have questions about the University application process, please contact the Office of the Registrar:


An Option for Majors: Human Development Online Cohorts 

All Human Development majors have the options of finishing their BA degrees completely online. Students who would like additional guidance in course selection are welcome to join Human Development Online Cohorts. These cohorts are designed for student who begin their HDEV coursework in the Fall Semester and plan to take 12+ units per term. Being in a HDEV Online Cohort allows the student to have a more directed academic experience. 

Online cohorts may be of particular interest to transferring community college students who work full-time but still want to earn a four-year degree. We accept students at junior status (upper division transfer eligibility is required) into the cohorts. 

Students who are interested in joining the Human Development Online Cohort program should fill out the supplemental application below.  After you are admitted to the university, your application will be reviewed for compliance with the HDEV Online Cohort program entry requirements.

You will be notified of your acceptance into the program during the Spring semester. Prior to the deadline to enroll for classes, you will receive an email through your Horizon email account informing you which courses to enroll in for fall quarter. If you have any questions about your HDEV application, please email us at: