Create Your Own Playlist

One Way to Boost Your Mood: Create Your Own Playlist!

  • Music can be a tool for healing, and to get in touch with your emotions.
  • Cater it to your music style and the kind of mood you want to set for yourself.
  • Choose songs that uplift your mood on your platform of choice to create your playlist (YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc).
  • You may also create a list versus a playlist that you can reference, and keep near to remind yourself of songs to play to uplift your mood. 


RAW Music Playlists

We have ten playlists created by our very own RAW student employees to help you get through your day. Whether it’s cleaning your room or waking up in the morning -however you’re feeling- we’ve got you covered! Scroll down to find a playlist to your liking. Links to listen on Spotify or YouTube are listed below. 

Happy listening!

Wake Up Playlist Cover Art

Waking Up Playlist

Good morning! Get your serotonin levels up and start your day off by blasting some feel-good music! A positive day starts with a positive state of mind.  

Mindful Minutes Playlist Cover Art

Mindful Mornings Playlist

Rise and shine! Take some Time for Yourself this morning and start off with some feel good music to boost your energy.

Take a Deep Breath Playlist

Sometimes all you need is a minute to take a deep breath. Enjoy these songs while you inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale.

Strawberry Fields Forever Playlist

Need some new music? How about trying some songs from the past! Enjoy this playlist full of classics from decades before ours.

Feeling Alive Playlist

Sometimes you have to remember you are a human being trying your best. These songs make you feel alive like you are the main character in a movie. Close your eyes and see.

Studying Playlist Cover Art

Study Time Playlist

Set aside any distractions and jam out this playlist as you study to ace your tests! You got this, we believe in you here at the RAW. 

Get Active Playlist Cover Art

Ready? Set, Hike! Playlist

Trying to get active? Lets go on a hike! Play this playlist, enjoy some nature, and get some fresh air. 

Workout Playlist Cover Art

Keep it Going! Playlist

You got this! This playlist is made to hype and keep your energy up. The sky is the limit, keep it pushing!

Cleaning Playlist Cover Art

Cleaning! Playlist

Get happy and move around the house! These songs will get you scrubbing, washing, and sweeping until everything is squeaky clean. 

Wind Down Playlist Cover Art

Wind Down Playlist

Stressful day? Wind down with us with this hour-long playlist to clear your head! Enjoy these relaxing vibes to get you to that better state of mind. 

Quiet Time Playlist Cover Art

Quiet Time Playlist

Need some quiet time, but don't know where to start? Enjoy this relaxing playlist made specficially for those seeking to de-stress.