Move More Daily

What is Move More Daily?

Move More Daily is about engaging in more physical activities and movement on a daily basis.  It’s recommended to move your body at least 150 minutes per week including aerobic and strengthening activities. Visit us at some of our programs and events centered around Move More Daily or check out some of the below resources to learn more.

On Campus Resources

Need help getting started? Learn how to build healthy habits by stacking your habits, starting small, doing it every day, making it easy and rewarding yourself. Risk Management’s tips also incorporate simple stretching exercises and posture balancing techniques.

The RAW has curated a plethora of Virtual Workouts so you can do them at your own pace and wherever you’d like. Visit the RAW YouTube channel for a variety of videos on different workout exercises, stretches, forms, and more! Also check out Deck of Fitness, a fun and easy way to switch up your workout regimen, and all you need is a deck of cards.

The East Bay campus is located on a hill with many trails and sights. Utilize our campus trails and views while staying active by downloading the Campus Walking Map.

For Faculty and Staff, check out RAW Memberships to access the RAW building. Also check out The Get Fit Stay Fit program, run through the Kinesiology Department, which offers exercise sessions led by a trainer. Email them at for additional information.

Additional Resources

Want to read, listen or watch to learn a little more? Check out what the professionals have to say at Move Your Way Campaign. The Move Your Way Campaign has an easy-to-use activity generator to help increase your weekly physical activity. Use the Activity Planner to set up certain goals, choose from a variety of activities, and receive tips to help you stay motivated.