Career Options

What can you do with a degree in Global Studies?  See what some of our former majors have been up to since graduating from CSUEB.

The GLST major enriches the global understanding of students seeking any career path. Many GLST graduates seek employment in rapidly expanding international careers. They gain the extra edge that foreign language competency and international experience provide. Companies in every country are going global and seek employees with international perspectives. Some students are dedicated to careers in the growing non-profit humanitarian, human rights, social justice, and development fields. Others plan to enter the diplomatic service of their home countries or work for international organizations. Recent graduates have worked in international security, with government agencies in translation services, for cultural and environmental organizations, for export-import companies, in banking, tourism, teaching (overseas and in the U.S.) and for a variety of non-profit organizations. Increasingly, GLST alums pursue graduate studies in international relations, international education, regional studies, anthropology, geography, business, law, international public administration/policy, development studies and TESOL.

Job titles include but are not limited to:

Diplomacy and Foreign Service • Educational and Cultural Exchange Programs • Federal Government • Humanitarian and Development Work • International Business • International Organizations • Journalism • Law • Local Services to Foreign Language Speakers • Politics • Tourism • Teaching • Translation