Beyond the Classroom

Slides, films, dramatic performances, potluck dinners and other activities provide opportunities for students to interact with one another and with their professors. For those who wish to further their interest in a foreign culture and language, the Department offers several clubs, including: Der Deutsche Klub, El Club de Espanol, II Quartiere Italiano, the Tomodachi Club, and Le Nouveau Cercle Francais.

For those who wish to accelerate their learning of another language, the Department offers a Summer Quarter Intensive program in Spanish, which covers one year's work in one quarter and represents twelve units of credit.

French students are encouraged to enroll in the popular Summer Study in Paris program, which combines language instruction with cultural experiences.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the California State University International Programs. In such programs, students can take courses in a variety of universities abroad and apply them towards a degree at Cal State.