Chinese Language and Cultural Studies

The Chinese Program of the department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers language courses of various levels, and expects to offer a variety of courses in literature, cinema and culture. Faculty are trained language teachers and scholars who have specialized in one of the manor fields of Chinese studies. The program teaches modern Mandarin Chinese spoken in China, Taiwan, and other Chinese communities.

The Chinese program does not offer a separate major or minor in Chinese, but the language courses may count toward fulfillments for the major or minor in International Studies, Ethnic Studies, Asian Studies, International Business and GE requirement. Students who are interested in Japanese language studies are encouraged to consider the interdisciplinary major or minor in related studies, which can include a significant Chinese language component. Advanced students are also encouraged to pursue for the Special Certificate for Chinese Studies.

Study Abroad program and Summer Study in China program are available on an individual basis for advanced students. CSUEB credits will be awarded upon the completion.

History of Chinese Language