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Our Mission and Core Values

Cal State East Bay Nursing Program Mission

The mission of the nursing program at Cal State East Bay is to prepare professional nurse generalists who are committed to the practice of nursing and responsive to the ever changing needs of the communities we serve. The program therefore seeks to provide an inclusive community of learning focused primarily on undergraduate nursing education and the development of lifelong learners.

The nursing program supports and reflects the university mission of quality education for a diverse society. We value a diverse workforce, a diverse nursing student body, and culturally inclusive practitioners of nursing who are equipped to provide high quality care and have a transformative influence on nursing practice, healthcare environments, and the health of our community.

The Cal State East Bay Nursing Program embraces these Core Values:

I. CARING: We believe Caring is essential to the practice of nursing and seek to treat those we serve with sensitivity, respect, and empathy. We embrace the provision of holistic care through therapeutic relationships directed towards health, comfort and well-being.

II. COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION: We believe that open Communication and Collaboration require accountability, honesty, integrity, and respect for all participants. We seek to practice shared decision-making with our fellow nurses as well as inter-professionally.

III. Cultural Inclusivity: We believe in the practice of Cultural Inclusivity, recognizing the rich diversity of humanity. We endeavor to honor that diversity by continually broadening our scope of care to include all members of our community and by modeling respect, sensitivity and equality for all.

IV. CRITICAL THINKING: We believe Critical Thinking is essential to nursing as a self-reflective and purposeful approach to thinking. We value the ability to make connections between patient data and acquired knowledge, leading to appropriate clinical interventions for our patients.

V. Evidence Based Practice: We believe in the use of Evidence Based Practice to guide our Nursing practice. We foster the integration of current research, clinical expertise, and the rigorous evaluation of the effectiveness of nursing interventions to make sound decisions in the care of our clients.

VI. PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIORS: We believe that Professional Behaviors encompass the knowledge, skills, and attitudes described by the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) and the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics for Nurses. As professional, we model altruism, integrity, respect, accountability, responsibility, and ethical conduct. We promote lifelong learning for the advancement of professional Nursing.

VII. Safety: We believe Safety is of utmost importance to the practice of nursing and strive above all to prevent harm to our patients and ourselves while delivering quality healthcare. We promote theoretical and clinical preparation that encourages personal responsibility, open reporting of adverse events, and a system-wide approaches to error prevention.

VIII. SOCIAL JUSTICE: We believe Social Justice in nursing embodies the principles of fairness, equity, dignity and equal opportunity for health for all. We embrace a moral mandate to improve access to quality health care for the marginalized and under-served and to attend to those who are suffering inequities.

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