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FAQs During Shelter-at-Home

Q: Can I work on my research project?
A: The shelter in place order may impact many research and scholarship activities.  

  • Research on campus, at other facilities, or in the field should be suspended since travel restrictions are in place with this order. 
  • Research and scholarship activities that can be done at home may continue.
  • The impact of the current COVID-19 event on humans subjects research may be significant.  Please click here for a memo from IRB Chair Kevin Brown regarding human subjects research.  Please note that during the current shelter-in-place order, no travel by researchers or participants is permitted. 


Q: Will campus research labs be accessible to students during this period to continue with on-going research and thesis work?
A: It is our understanding that no, no research labs will be accessible but please check with your faculty mentor on this.


Q: What if I work as a student assistant on campus?
A: Student assistants do not need to come to campus. They will continue to be paid in most cases. Please continue to review the campus updates:   COVID-19  and  Academic Affairs Student Information


Q: What if I am a student scheduled to work on a grant-funded project during this time frame, but cannot do my work because I cannot travel or I don’t have the resources I need to complete the work?
A: Students working on grant-funded projects should contact the Principal Investigator of the project or the supervisor the student reports to for updates.  

Q: Is the Week of Scholarship April 12-17 still happening?

A: Due to restrictions on events, the Faculty and Student Research Symposia are cancelled.  


Q: Is the Student Research Competition April 24 -25 still happening?

A: The in-person place-based competition has been cancelled.  The competition will be replaced with an online Zoom-based event.  Please check back for more information. 

Q: What about my Faculty Support Grant (FSG); will the performance period be extended?
A: With circumstances changing daily, it is uncertain whether Faculty Support Grant timelines will be extended. We will provide that information as it becomes available. 

Q: Can I request a no cost extension to move the end date of my federally-sponsored award without changing the budget or requested amount? 

A: In many cases, yes. Unless your federally-sponsored grant award or terms and conditions say otherwise, institutions are usually allowed a first extension of up to one year. Any  no-cost extensions after that first one need to be submitted to and approved by the federal agency. If your federally-funding grant is impacted and you need to request an extension or you have questions, please contact ORSP.


Q: Should I contact ORSP to request the no cost extension for my federally-sponsored grant now?

A: If your federally-sponsored grant is scheduled to end in 90 days or less, yes, please contact ORSP now to discuss your project situation.   Otherwise, for no cost extension requests, please contact ORSP 90 days prior to the end date of your funding.


Links to Agency Updates

Council on Government Relations 

FAQs on how COVID-19 will affect federal grant awards

Federal Agency Links to Responses regarding COVID-19 impact

  • ORSP and University Advancement staff are reviewing the statuses of grants funded by philanthropic and corporate sources. If you have any specific questions about your grant award or pending proposal please contact

Q: Is my grant proposal due date still in effect?
A: Most federal, state, and local agencies have extended proposal deadlines and due dates. Links to common agency announcements are provided below. If you do not see yours on the list, please let ORSP know and we will help confirm deadlines for you.

Q. Who should I contact if I have questions about my proposal?

A. For proposals please contact the following:

  Government Grants:

  Philanthropic and Corporate Grants:


Q: Where can students get help if they are experiencing stress, anxiety or other mental wellness issues?

A: The Student Health Center will remain open.  To contact the Student Health Center call (510)-885-3735.  If a student suspects they have been exposed to the corona virus or is experiencing symptoms, they should call the Student Health Center or their medical provider.

Q: Where can faculty and staff get help if they are experiencing stress, anxiety, or other mental wellness issues?  
A: CSU EB Human Resources can be reached at (510) 885-3634. CSU EB has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that may be able to help, 1-800-366-7474

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