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The following training are located at the CITI Website

  • IRB Training
  • IACUC Training
  • Export Controls Training
  • Responsible Conduct in Research Training

To enroll in the training please follow these steps:

  • Register on CITI website:
  • Select the organization: "California State University, East Bay"
  • Preferably use your school email, so an admin may find your CITI ID, in case there is an error.
  • In step 7 of the registration is where you will be assigned courses. Each question does not need to be completed.
    • Answer Question 1 for IRB training
    • Answer Question 2 to renew IRB training
    • Answer Question 3 for IACUC training. Select Animal Welfare and the subtype of animal research
    • Answer Question 4 for Responsible Conduct of Research
  • For any questions, send an email to with the email you used.

We offer the following in-person or group trainings

  • Searching for funding
  • PIVOT training
  • CFS Data warehouse training
  • Award Orientation
  • Grant Administration training
  • PI trainings

The training are located at the CSULearn: 

To add the course to your assigned learning, enter a service ticket within the CSUEB ITS system with the following links:

If you need access to any trainings, please send your Name, NetID and training requests to  Someone from ORSP will follow up with you within 2 business days to assist you with your request.
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