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Frequently Asked Questions

Absence Management

The report for the most recent pay period is available once Payroll has processed and finalized all absences for that pay period. Typically this will be done by the 15th of the month, but during the first few months of processing, it may be delayed a few days.
CTO time should be reported via the Absences and Additional Time Worked Report available on the payroll website under Forms.
The process for reporting FML is still manual at this time. An Absences and Additional Time Worked Report should be submitted to the Payroll Office and Leave Coordinator (HR).
Yes. All employees eligible for leave will use the new system to view and report the information.
Your direct supervisor will be given access to approve your absences online.
Yes. You must key No Leave Taken and report that you did not take any time off during the pay period.
All absences must be keyed and approved by the close of business on the first day of the next pay period (e.g. for March 2010, this would be April 1, 2010).
Overtime should be submitted on via the Overtime Request form available on the payroll website under Forms.
You can key the following types of absences online provided you are eligible to take them and have a sufficient balance where appropriate: Vacation, Sick, Personal Holiday, Compensatory Time -usage only (including ADO and Holiday Credit), Jury Duty, No Leave Taken and Funeral. All other types of absence will still be keyed by Payroll.
Balances should be posted by the 15th of the next pay period.
Only Academic Departments are required to submit Attendance Rosters.
No. All CTO earnings should be reported via the Absences and Additional Time Worked Report accessible via the website.
No. The balances will no longer appear on your paycheck/stub. They can be viewed online.
Send an email to your HR Manager. Include the name of both the approver and the alternate.
You may submit absences for the two prior pay periods online. Once late entries have been approved, those entries will be processed with the next absence calendar.
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