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Payroll Assignments by Department Name / Unit

Payroll Assignments by Department Name
Unit Department Contact
490 Academic Advisement and Career Educ Adriana Patel
002 Academic Affairs, VP Office Sabreen Mutan
265 Academic Programs & Graduate Studies Adriana Patel
270 Academic Resources Sabreen Mutan
275 Academic Senate Sabreen Mutan
475 Accessibility Services Guadalupe Gonzalez
140 Accounting & Finance Mary Bravo
375 Accounting & Fiscal Services Jasmine Calix
285 Admissions/Imaging Sabreen Mutan
003 Administration & Finance, VP Office Sabreen Mutan
015 Anthropology/Anthropology Museum Sabreen Mutan
020 Art Sabreen Mutan
441 Athletics Sabreen Mutan
215 Biological Sciences Adriana Patel
365 Budget Jasmine Calix
370 Business & Financial Services Jasmine Calix
494 Campus Life Guadalupe Gonzalez
220 Chemistry and Biochemistry Jasmine Calix
010 College of Letter, Arts and Social Science(CLASS) Mary Bravo
135 College of Business and Economics Mary Bravo
170 College of Education & Allied Studies Guadalupe Gonzalez
210 College of Science Adriana Patel
070 Communication Jasmine Calix
391 Concord facilities Adriana Patel
260 Concord Campus Sabreen Mutan
455 Counseling & Psychological Svc (CAPS) Mary Bravo
035 Criminal Justice Administration Sabreen Mutan
430 Custodial Services Adriana patel
395 Design & Construction Adriana Patel
387 Duplicating Services Jasmine Calix
225 Earth and Environmental Sciences Jasmine Calix
145 Economics Mary Bravo
175 Educational Leadership Guadalupe Gonzalez
445 Educational Opportunity Program Mary Bravo
180 Educational Psychology Guadalupe Gonzalez
222 Engineering Jasmine Calix
040 English Mary Bravo
284 Enrollment Services Mary Bravo
366 Enterprise Activities Guadalupe Gonzalez
400 Environmental Health & Safety Adriana Patel
045 Ethnic Studies Mary Bravo
405 Facilities Management Adriana Patel
390 Facilities Planning Adriana Patel
367 Facilities Reservations Guadalupe Gonzalez
330 Faculty Development Jasmine Calix
321 Faculty Support Grants Jasmine Calix
466 Family and Community SVCS Mary Bravo
371 Finance Support Unit Jasmine Calix
301 Financial Aid / Work Study Program Sabreen Mutan
267 General Education Adriana Patel
055 Geography and Environmental Studies Mary Bravo
425 Grounds Maintenance Adriana Patel
060 History Mary Bravo
190 Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Guadalupe Gonzalez
495 Housing and Residential Life/ Pioneer Heights Guadalupe Gonzalez
065 Human Development Jasmine Calix
435 Human Resources Adriana Patel
299 Institute for STEM Education Adriana Patel
565 ITS Conference/Class Tech Svcs Guadalupe Gonzalez
554 ITS Enterprise Info Svcs Guadalupe Gonzalez
540 ITS Info Tech Solutions Guadalupe Gonzalez
557 ITS Innovations Engineering Guadalupe Gonzalez
570 ITS Online Hybrid Support Center Guadalupe Gonzalez
561 ITS Operations & Innovation Guadalupe Gonzalez
562 ITS Security & Infrastructure Guadalupe Gonzalez
555 ITS Technology Development Guadalupe Gonzalez
556 ITS Web/Communication Guadalupe Gonzales
185 Kinesiology Guadalupe Gonzalez
115 Liberal Studies Jasmine Calix
350 Library Jasmine Calix
150 Management Mary Bravo
155 Marketing  Mary Bravo
235 Math & Computer Science Adriana Patel
050 Modern Language & Literature Mary Bravo
268 Multimedia Adriana Patel
075 Music Mary Bravo
240 Nursing Jasmine Calix 
263 Online Campus Adriana Patel
510 Parking Sabreen Mutan
380 Payroll Adriana Patel
080 Philosophy Sabreen Mutan
245 Physics Adriana Patel
085 Political Science Sabreen Mutan
001 President's Office Sabreen Mutan
385 Procurement Services Jasmine Calix 
286 Prospective Student Services Mary Bravo
250 Psychology Adriana Patel
090 Public Affairs and Administration Sabreen Mutan
230 Public Health Jasmine Calix
497 RAW - Recreation and Wellness Mary Bravo
295 Registrar Sabreen Mutan
320 Research & Sponsored Programs Jasmine Calix
388 Risk Management Jasmine Calix
450 SCAA Student Center for Academic Achievement Mary Bravo
011 School of Arts and Media (SAM) Mary Bravo
386 Shipping and Receiving Jasmine Calix
420 Skilled Trades (Building Maintenance) Adriana Patel
096 Social Work Sabreen Mutan
095 Sociology and Social Services Sabreen Mutan
030 Speech Language & Hearing Science Sabreen Mutan
255 Statistics and Biostatistics Adriana Patel
004 Student Affairs, AVP Mary Bravo
480 Student Conduct, Rights & Responsibilities Mary Bravo
500 Student Health Center Mary Bravo
485 Student Life and Leadership Mary Bravo
465 Students Equity & Success Mary Bravo
499 Student Success Centers Jasmine Calix
498 Student Support Services Mary Bravo
291 Student Systems Sabreen Mutan
195 Teacher Education Guadalupe Gonzalez
336 Testing Services Sabreen Mutan
105 Theatre and Dance Jasmine Calix
005 University Advancement Sabreen Mutan
360 University Extension Sabreen Mutan
505 University Police Jasmine Calix
280 University Strategic Planning Sabreen Mutan
496 University Union Operations Guadalupe Gonzalez
Payroll Staff's extension
Payroll Staff Ext.
Tony Tijero, Director 5-3360
Giselle Ochoa, HR & Payroll Admin Support Asst 5-3634
Larry Lee, HR & Payroll Admin Support Asst 5-3651
Adriana Patel, Payroll Specialist 5-3849
Guadalupe Gonzalez, Payroll Specialist 5-7503
Jasmine Calix, Payroll Specialist 5-3867
Mary Bravo, Payroll Specialist 5-3564
Sabreen Mutan, Payroll Specialist  5-7672