Ethnicity Resurvey


This document provides employees the quick steps on how to complete the ethnicity resurvey via MyHR. Completing this resurvey is optional.

Take the Ethnicity Resurvey via MyHR

  1. Login to MyHR
  2. Under the Personal Information section, click the CSUEB Ethnicity Resurvey
    • Note: Read carefully all the information provided on the Resurvey page. The ethnicity information displayed on the Ethnic Groups page is based on information you previously provided to us. If your ethnicity information is correct, there is nothing further for you to do. If your information is incorrect, please proceed with the steps below.
    • Select one or more Ethnic values from list
  3. Click SAVE at the bottom of the survey page
  4. Click OK on the save confirmation page
  5. Sign out of your MyHR account