Career Planning

Web sites relevant to careers

CSUEB's Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE): AACE can help you with all aspects of career planning, including helping you clarify your own goals, how to search for a job, and how to develop a resume and improve your interview skills. They have listings from employers interested in hiring college students both for immediate work and for long-term careers. In addition they can help with grad school planning.

Marky Lloyd's Careers in Psychology Page: This site, which is maintained by a retired professor from Georgia Southern University, provides lots of information about careers for psychology students.

Asian-American Mental Health Directory: This site provides a list of agencies and private practitioners who have a special interest in or qualifications for serving the Asian-American communities of the Bay Area. This is a possible source of internships and paid positions if you have a special interest in working with this population. This site is maintained by one individual, Scott Plous, at Wesleyan University. It provides a wealth of information about careers and graduate study in psychology. This site at the American Psychological Association provides a great deal of current information about employment opportunities and job search suggestions for psychologists.

Jobsite at the APS: This site at the American Psychological Society also provides information about employment opportunities in psychology.

Academe This Week: This site at the Chronicle of Higher Education provides information about employment opportunities in higher education, especially administrative positions.

Web sites relevant to Grad School

Web sites devoted to general employment opportunities