Advising in Psychology

Major Checklists

These checklists are helpful for tracking your progress through each of the Psychology major or minor programs.

Older checklists from before 2018 are available in the archive or by contacting the Department office.

There are also degree roadmaps available, which recommend taking specific courses at specific times. The Psychology major is flexible and there are several different sequences students could take, so we recommend following the checklists above. The roadmaps are available here.

Night Classes at Hayward and Concord

We offer the upper-division Psychology BA major at night at the Hayward and Concord campuses. What this means is that we offer all the courses that a junior/3rd-year student would need to complete the Psychology BA major requirements in two years as night classes. Night classes start at 6:00 PM and meet one night per week. We schedule the required courses so they meet on different nights. Psychology offers only night classes at the Concord campus. We offer both day and night classes at the Hayward campus.

The below documents show our recommended schedule for a student trying to complete the Psychology BA through night classes. We cannot guarantee that there will be enough seats for all students, and recommend students have some flexibility to take day classes, if at all possible.

Online Classes

Psychology does not offer any major or minor programs online. We offer some classes online or hybrid most semesters, but most classes will be offered in person. Most major requirements must be completed with in-person classes.