About Us


The Renaissance Scholars Program aims to ensure that all former foster youth who enter CSUEB as undergraduate students successfully complete the degree prepared to embark successfully upon the next chapter of their lives, whether they are pursuing a graduate degree, career, or other options of their choosing.

Mission Statement

Renaissance Scholars exists to promote the holistic development and graduation rates of former foster youth attending CSU East Bay by providing comprehensive support services through collaboration with a variety of university departments and community organizations. The Renaissance Scholars program aims to improve life outcomes for former foster youth at CSU East Bay.


The Renaissance Scholars Program and its staff believe in and actively work to support the following core values:

    • Success – The Renaissance Scholars program knows that all students can be successful. With the right supports, all students can and should complete the degree.
    • Resilience – All students experience challenges while in college; Renaissance Scholars are likely to experience more challenges than the average student. Resilience allows students to overcome barriers and persist to degree completion.
    • Holistic growth – The Renaissance Scholars Program seeks to help students develop academically, mentally, and emotionally, as well as with career planning, money, management, and a variety of areas that could be strengthened to support success.
    • Developing a sense of community – The program creates a sense of community among students, as well as program, staff, EOP and campus resources. Doing so provides students with a wide network of support to encourage their completion.


The Renaissance Scholars Program at California State University East Bay was developed in 2006 to reduce barriers to earning a college degree for recently emancipated foster youth. According to Foster Care to Success, less than 10% of foster youth earn a college degree ; meanwhile, the Human Rights Watch estimates that approximately 20% of foster youth transitioning from care in California will find themselves homeless . The Renaissance Scholars Program aims to create new, more positive statistics. We believe that all of our students can graduate from college and enjoy fulfilling lives.

Since inception, the Renaissance Scholars Program has served over 140 students who have gone on to be successful entrepreneurs, educators, nurses, social workers, and lobbyists. They graduate at rates higher than those who do not participate in support programs. They also continue to support our programs as community partners, student supporters, and advisory board members.