Program Services

The Renaissance Scholars Program exists to support the growth and development of former foster youth. Ultimately, we aim to improve the graduation rates of former foster youth attending CSU East Bay by providing support services with the help of other university departments and a variety of community organizations. The Renaissance Scholars program aims to improve life outcomes for freshmen, transfer, and continuing undergraduates who are former foster youth at CSU East Bay.

The Renaissance Scholars Program provides the following comprehensive support services for our students:

  • Academic, career, and financial aid advising
  • Workshops, activities and field trips
  • Assistance with purchasing books (for those with financial need)
  • Priority registration
  • Loaner textbook library
  • Mentor and mentee opportunities
  • Counseling referrals
  • Loaner laptops
  • Leadership development
  • Priority for on-campus housing (NOTE: Foster youth are given priority for a space in on-campus housing and are responsible for applicable fees.)

Roles and Responsibilities

The Renaissance Scholars Program aims to ensure your success at CSUEB and help you develop the tools you need to be successful after you graduate. As such, you can expect the program to:

  • Help you make decisions that will lead to your success
  • Contact you to participate in interesting and/or beneficial activities, events, or programs
  • Contact you if there are concerns about your academic, personal, mental, or emotional well-being
  • Provide enriching activities and create a scholarly community that supports your success

In addition, the Renaissance Scholars Program expects the following from you:

  • Make a full commitment to the Renaissance Scholars Program each year
  • Meet with the Renaissance Scholars Program Coordinator two (2) times per semester. Entering freshmen in EOP will fulfill EOP meeting requirements and meet with the Renaissance Scholars Program Coordinator once per semester.
  • Participate in ALL program activities and be an active participant in the Renaissance Scholars Program community
  • Attend and actively participate in mandatory retreat
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average. Students on probation are required to meet additional requirements
  • Inform the Renaissance Scholars Program of your participation in any other campus program, and allow the programs to communicate with each other regarding your support needs.
  • Challenge yourself to push beyond your expectations and comfort zone
  • Additional requirements may be expected that are not currently listed on this form