Task Force Charge and Membership

The RUU Task Force is tasked with the following charge: 

In coordination with a selected consultant, the task force will assist with identifying opportunities within the current operations of the RAW and University Unions. It will review the resolution from ASI BOD 2021-22-5R to resume management of the RAW and University Unions. It will identify areas for growth and future models to support student needs. They will ensure that the financial model being developed will support current and future operations to ensure that the staffing levels, services offered, student life programming (intramural, fitness training, outdoor activities, gaming, and activity-based programming), and facilities are supported while in operation. Lastly, this task force will define membership for a Recreation and University Union student advisory board.

  • Membership:
    • Co-Chair - AVP, Student Affairs and Auxiliary Services - Mark Almeida
    • Co-Chair - Director, Recreation, Wellbeing, and University Union - Jennifer Luna
    • ASI Student Representative - Ashmita Ahluwalia
    • Residence Hall Association Student Representative - Leilani Lopez
    • PAW/Wellness Student Representative - Lex Peck
    • Faculty Representative - Dr. Brian Du
    • Staff Representative - Mohammed Salman 
    • IER Representative - Kevin Gin
    • Kinesiology Representative - Paul Carpenter
    • Athletics Representative - Steve Spencer
    • Facilities Planning and Development Representative - Anne Leung
    • Budget Office - Shannon Tu
    • Alumni Relations Representative - Travis Nelson
Meeting agendas: