Writing Skills Subcommittee (WSS) of CIC

The meeting schedule for the Writing Skills Subcommittee (WSS) of CIC is: TBD

Membership: Director of Composition, Director of the Student Center for Academic Achievement, Dean of Academic Programs & Services, Director of the Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) Option, Director of Graduate Studies, 1 CLASS outside ENGL, 1 CBE, 1 CSCI, 1 CEAS; and a faculty member of CIC, if no other member of the subcommittee is a member of CIC. Though members are subject to annual appointment by the Chair, in consultation with the whole Committee and subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, the expectation will be that each member will normally serve for 2 years. 

Responsibilities: The CIC Writing Skills Subcommittee (WSS) reviews issues pertaining to the Writing Skills Requirement and associated policies, procedures, and curriculum. These issues may be referred to the Subcommittee from CIC.

10/5/21 Agenda Minutes
10/11/21 Minutes