Staff and Officers of the Senate

Senate Office Staff

Mark Robinson, SF 333
Academic Senate Coordinator
Phone: (510) 885-3671


Senate Officers (2023-24)

Christina Chin-Newman, Chair
Human Development & Women's Studies
Senate Office: (510) 885-3671

Kyzyl Fenno-Smith, Vice Chair
University Libraries
Faculty Office: (510)-885-3664

Nina Haft, Secretary
Theatre & Dance
Faculty Office: (510) 885-3118


CSU Statewide Senators (2)

Paul Carpenter, Kinesiology (2022-25)
Faculty Office: (510) 885-7671

Ryan Heryford English (2023-26)
Faculty Office: (510) 885-2989

Standing Committees (7)

CAPR (Committee on Academic Planning and Review)
Chair: Stephanie Alexander, University Libraries
Phone: 510-885-3664, E-mail:

CIC (Committee on Instruction and Curriculum)
Chair: Amy June Rowley, Modern Languages & Literatures
Phone: (510) 885-3211, E-mail:

COBRA (Committee on Budget and Resource Allocation)
Chair: Paul Carpenter, Kinesiology
Phone: (510) 885-7671, E-mail:

CR (Committee on Research)
Chair: Michelle Gravier, Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences
Phone: (510) 885-3215, E-mail:

CS (Committee on Sustainability)
Chair: Sharon Radcliff, University Libraries
Phone: 510-885-3664, E-mail:

FAC (Faculty Affairs Committee)
Chair: Meiling Wu, Modern Languages & Literatures
Phone: (510) 885-3211, E-mail:

FDEC (Faculty Diversity & Equity Committee)
Chair: Kyzyl Fenno-Smith, Human Development & Women's Studies
Phone: 510-885-3664, E-mail:



CCAC (Concord Campus Advisory Committee)
Chair: TBD
E-mail: TBD

Grade Appeal and Academic Grievance Committee
Chair: Erica WIldy
Phone: (510) 885-XXXX
Admin: TBD
Phone: TBD E-mail: TBD