Committee on Research (CR)

The Committee on Research (CR) meets every other Thursday from 12:45-2:30pm.

The membership of the Committee on Research shall be: Eight (8) members from the Colleges of the University; One (1) appointee of the President of the University; One (1) representative of the lecturer electorate; and One (1) representative of the Library.

CHAIR: Benjamin K Smith, Communication (20-22)
Phone: (510) 885-3292

Kathryn Grimm, Physics (20-22)
Natalie Ingraham, Sociology (20-22)
Juleen Lam, Health Sciences (Spring '21)
Katrina Nicholas, Speech Language & Hearing Sciences (19-21)
Mick Ryan, Lecturer (20-21)
Balvinder Kumar, Executive Director, Sponsored Research and Special Academic Sessions, Presidential Appointee (Spring '21)
Kourosh Shafi, Management (20-22)
Jennifer Sherwood, Kinesiology (19-21)
Ruth Tinnacher, Chemistry & Biochemistry (19-21)
Lana Wood, LIB (19-21)