covid-19 reporting

To assist with the exposure investigation process and prevent the spread of COVID-19, report all COVID-19 positive cases and exposure involving staff, faculty, and students to Student Health & Counseling Services or Human Resources immediately.

Cases involving faculty or staff

  1. Notify Human Resources by filling out the COVID-19 Reporting Form. The form can be completed by the employee or their manager.
  2. Upon notification, Human Resources will contact the employee to advise on next steps and when employee can return to campus.
  3. If employee has been on campus recently, Human Resources and Risk Management will determine if additional individuals need to be notified about potential exposure.

Cases involving students

  1. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 involving a student should be reported to Student Health and Counseling Services using the Student COVID-19 Positive or Suspected Case Report.
  2. If living on campus, also notify Housing and Residential Life at
  3. Upon notification, SHCS will follow up with the student and confirm when the student can return to campus. Students should stay home until they meet public health isolation/quarantine criteria.
  4. Students should contact their instructor(s) directly if an accommodation is needed for class missed.
  5. Any medical records should be provided directly to SHCS as opposed to the instructor.

For Instructors. What to do if a student in your class is ill.

  1. Advise the student to stay home and contact SHCS using the Student COVID-19 Positive or Suspected Case Reporting Form.
  2. It is not necessary to quarantine the entire class. If the student was in class recently, provide SHCS a copy of the class roster.
  3. SHCS will follow up with the student, determine if anyone needs to be quarantined, directly notify any individuals who had close contact, and work with Human Resources to notify any additional individuals about potential exposure.