Bay Bucks

A Bay Bucks account is similar to a checking account. With a prepaid deposit of money in this optional account, you will enjoy the convenience of being able to make purchases at participating locations without having cash in your pocket!

Adding Bay Bucks to your Bay Card gives you buying power at all dining locations on campus as well as the bookstore and vending machines. It also allows you to print in public computer labs and make copies on public machines on campus. Bay Bucks can be use to pay for campus ASI Business Center, Recreation and Wellness Center, Student Health and Counseling Services, duplicating services and library fines. If you live in housing, you will need Bay Bucks to do your laundry.

How Many Bay Bucks are Needed?

Each student is different but we have compiled a basic table to show how many Bay Bucks an average student may go through during the course of a typical quarter at CSU East Bay. Think about how much you spend on average for copying, printing, bookstore purchases, food, etc. and add value to your account accordingly.

Remember, if you lose your card and have money in your Bay Bucks account, it can be used by anyone, so we recommend keeping your balance low and adding as needed. If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately so the card can be frozen and your Bay Bucks account kept secure.

Bay Bucks Estimated Budget

On Campus Resident

Off Campus Resident

Laundry - $75

Printing - $5
Printing - $15
Copying - $15
Copying - $15
Vending - $20
Vending - $50
Food - $250
Food - $150
Books - $350
Books - $350
Miscellaneous - $100
Miscellaneous - $100
Total - $815
Total - $680
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