Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my Bay Card to add value?

Navigate to Bay Bucks and log in with your NetID and Password. Follow the steps to easily add money to your account with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express only). There are no fees to add value to your account using a credit card.

The first time you log in, you must register your Bay card using the 9 digit PS ID located on the front of the card.

What do I do if I have problems logging in?

Contact the Service Desk for assistance.

How do I reset my Net ID password?

Follow the instruction here to reset your Net ID password.

Will I be charged a fee for a new card due to a name change?

Yes. A $10 fee will be charged to issue a new card.

Do I have to put Bay Bucks on my card?

No. Adding Bay Bucks to your card is optional.

Do my Bay Bucks expire?

No. Bay Bucks do not expire.

Can I buy books at the Pioneer Bookstore with Bay Bucks?

Yes. The bookstore accepts Bay Bucks for all purchases.

Can I pay my fees with Bay Bucks?

No. The Cashier's Office and CashNet do not accept Bay Bucks at this time.

What happens if I lose my card or it gets stolen?

A lost or stolen card should be reported immediately. You can report your lost or stolen Bay Card either online using the Bay Card website, in-person at the campus library, or by telephone at (510) 885-2273.

Once reported, the card will be frozen and made inactive. If the card was lost, a replacement fee will be charged and a new card issued. No replacement fee will be charged if the card has been reported as stolen to University Police.

Departmental - Frequently Asked Questions

Can my card be used for both personal and work-related copying?

Yes. Personal copying must be done using Bay Bucks on a public machine (like those in the library). Work-related copying must be done on a department copy machine and will be charged to a department copy account.

Will every employee be able to make copies with their card?

Yes. All non-student employees will be able to use The Bay Card to make work-related copies.

Will student employees be able to make copies with their card?

No. Departments will have a department copy-only card available that they can check out to students to make copies as part of their job.

If I work in more than one department, how do I charge my copies?

Your Bay Card will be affiliated with only one department, your primary department id in the PeopleSoft HR system. If you need to make copies in another department you will need to use that department’s Departmental Copy Card.

How do I charge copies to a different chartfield?

Charges will initially be expensed to your department’s chartfield; you will need to transfer expenses, when necessary, to any other chartfield.

How do I charge copies to a grant/foundation account?

  • In analyzing last year’s data we determined there are approximately 20 grants which had charges for copying.  Based on this, we will issue a copy card displaying the name of the grant, to grant holders.  The charges made with each copy card will be summarized on a monthly basis and billed by Accounting to your grant/foundation account.  
  • Please send The Bay Card Office the name of your grant, including the grant holder name.
  • The Grant Copy Card will have the Grant Name printed on the front of the card.  The individual picking up the card will be required to sign for it.

What if we need more that one Departmental Copy Card since our department is located in multiple buildings on campus?

This is considered an exception and would be managed upon request. Requests should be sent, with explanation, to The Bay Card Office.

How much will copies cost?

Copies are $.08 each. Copying sent to Duplicating will be charged at $.05 per copy.

What recourse will departments have if an employee abuses copying privileges?

Your department can notify The Bay Card Office to cut off an employee’s access. Proof of abuse may be required.

How can we reduce our copying expense this year?

  • Plan ahead as Duplicating Services has a 24-hour turnaround on copying work and charges only $.05 per copy.  
  • Consider purchasing a scanner for your office.  This may allow your office to reduce the need for copies in some instances.
  • Use all electronic tools available to post information on your web site or on the learning management system (Blackboard) rather than disseminating paper copies.
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