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Graduate Opportunities and Financial Resources

California State University, East Bay offers numerous forms of financial support for current graduate students. The Graduate Studies office coordinates the many programs which provide financial resources and educational opportunities in support of your graduate education.

Applications for 2019-2020 are due in May 1, 2019.  

The Graduate Equity Fellowship Program seeks to increase the diversity of students completing graduate degree programs at Cal State East Bay, encourages continuation towards doctoral programs, and promotes consideration of university faculty careers. It provides fellowships for Cal State East Bay students with educationally or economically disadvantaged backgrounds who have had success in overcoming these disadvantages. Graduate Equity Fellowships are grants ranging from $500 up to $2000 per year.

Program Eligibility

To apply for a Graduate Equity Fellowship, you must meet the following conditions:

  • be considered residents of the State of California for fee purposes
  • have maintained a GPA of at least 2.70 in all undergraduate work
  • have maintained a GPA of at least 3.25 in any graduate work
  • be admitted to CSUEB and to a state-supported Master's program as a classified or conditionally classified student
  • complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by June 1st and have financial need of at least $1,000
  • enroll in a minimum of 8 units per semester applicable to the master's degree during the academic year of your award, with graduation planned no earlier than Spring semester of that year. This requirement will be enforced - no exceptions.
  • demonstrate the potential to succeed in graduate school and to complete a master's degree program, as evidenced by undergraduate coursework and letters of recommendation.
  • have not received more than one previous Graduate Equity Fellowship.

Information and Application

For information about the program and an application form, please download the information sheet and application. Questions should be directed to Academic Programs and Graduate Studies at

All materials must be turned in by the May 2019 application deadline to the Office of Graduate Studies, SA 4500, on the Hayward Campus.

Application Deadline: 
Application materials are due to the Office of Graduate Studies, SA 4500, by 5:00 PM, Friday, February 1, 2019.

Through the Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP), the California State University (CSU) provides financial assistance in the form of a student loan to a limited number of individuals pursuing doctoral degrees. The program seeks to provide loans to doctoral students who are interested in applying and competing for CSU instructional faculty positions after completion of the doctoral degree. The program is designed to increase the diversity of persons qualified to fill instructional faculty position in the CSU.

Through the Doctoral Incentive Program, students may borrow up to $10,000 per year (up to a total of $30,000 within a five-year period). Students who complete their doctoral studies and teach in the CSU system as full-time faculty members will have their loans forgiven at the rate of twenty percent for each year of teaching; those who do not obtain a CSU faculty position are required to repay the loan at an interest rate comparable to other graduate student loans. Employment at a CSU campus, however, is not guaranteed. Applicants are not required to be accepted into a doctoral program at the time of applying but must enroll in Fall 2019 to receive the award.

Information and Application

Detailed information about the CDIP program and applications are available on the CSU Chancellor's Office CDIP website. You can also attend our next information session on November 7th and 8th, 2018, from 3:00-4:00 in SF 127.

Download Information Session Slides

Appointments are available for faculty and students with questions about the program. Please call APS at (510) 885-3286 to schedule an appointment.

Application materials are due to the Office of Graduate Studies, SA 4500, by 5:00 PM, Friday, February 1, 2019.

California Pre-Doctoral Scholars receive $3,000 which may be used to:

  • attend or present research at professional conferences,
  • visit doctoral-granting institutions in the U.S.,
  • pay for graduate school application fees, the GRE, or GMAT preparation.

In addition, many Pre-Doctoral Scholars will be eligible to apply for:

  • a fully-funded summer research experience with a faculty member in his or her discipline at a Ph.D.-granting university in the U.S.

The California Pre-Doctoral Program, jointly developed by the California State University and the University of California, seeks to increase the pool of potential California State University faculty by supporting the doctoral aspirations of economically and educationally disadvantaged students.  This program provides students with $3,000 to explore and prepare to succeed in doctoral studies through faculty mentoring, scholarly and research opportunities, travel to visit doctoral-granting institutions, membership in professional associations, and attendance at professional conferences. 

More information about this program is available on the CSU Chancellors Office website or attend our information sessions on:

November 7th and 8th, 2018, 3:00-4:00 in SF 127

Download Information Session Slides

Download Pre-Doctoral Program Application  

Program Eligibility

CSU juniors, seniors, or graduate students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply. You must be enrolled at CSUEB in Spring 2019, and also be enrolled for at least one semester of the academic year 2019-2020.

Applicants will be selected on the basis of three major criteria: the potential for success in completing a doctoral program, probable effectiveness of the student/faculty plan, and level of economic and educational disadvantage. Applicants work with a faculty sponsor to develop an overall plan, which will ultimately lead to enrollment in graduate school. The program provides an opportunity for summer research experience and funds for travel and other related activities.

Application Process

To prepare an application to the California Pre-Doctoral Program, you will need to:

  1. Seek a CSUEB faculty sponsor.
  2. In collaboration with your faculty sponsor, develop a 'Faculty Sponsor/Student Plan' for the funded activities you will engage in to prepare for entering a doctoral program.
  3. Complete and submit the 2018-19 Sally Casanova Scholarship application.

Completed applications will be composed of the application, three essay questions, transcripts, budget, and faculty letter of recommendation (all submitted online).

Appointments are available for faculty and students with questions about the program. Please call the Graduate Studies Office at (510) 885-3286 or email if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.  Students interested in applying should make an appointment to review their application prior to submission.

All materials must be submitted by the CSUEB application deadline of February 1, 2019.  Your application will be reviewed, and feedback provided. Once any changes have been made, the revised application will be forwarded by Graduate Studies to the CSU Chancellor's Office.


The 2019 CSU Student Research Competition will be held at Cal State Fullerton on TBD dates at the end of April or beginning of May. To be considered for the student research competition, CSU East Bay students will need to submit their research summary by 5:00 pm, February 15, 2019. The research summary should be emailed to the Center for Student Research ( Support for students representing CSU East Bay in the competition will be provided by the Center for Student Research.  Please read the following information carefully.

Each year the California State University System organizes a statewide student research competition. The competition is held to promote excellence in undergraduate and graduate scholarly research and creative activity by recognizing outstanding student accomplishments throughout the twenty-three campuses of the California State University. Students are nominated to participate by their home campus and present written and oral overviews of their research projects at the two-day competition.


The competition is held to promote excellence in undergraduate and graduate scholarly research and creative activity by recognizing outstanding student accomplishments throughout the twenty-three campuses of the California State University.


Undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled at any CSU campus as well as alumni/alumnae who received their degrees in Spring, Summer, or Fall of the current academic year are eligible. The research presented should be appropriate to the student’s discipline and career goals. Proprietary research is excluded. Presentations from all disciplines are invited. There will be separate undergraduate and graduate divisions for each of the following categories (unless a division has four or fewer entrants, in which case undergraduate and graduate divisions may be combined). The California State University, East Bay, steering committee reserves the right to combine or subdivide these categories or to move an entrant from one category to another, as numbers of submissions necessitate. The ten categories are as follows:

  • Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Biological and Agricultural Sciences
  • Business, Economics, and Public Administration
  • Creative Arts and Design
  • Education
  • Engineering and Computer Science
  • Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences
  • Humanities and Letters
  • Physical and Mathematical Sciences
  • Interdisciplinary

A campus delegation may include up to ten entries in the ten categories. A small team of students making a single presentation counts as a single entry but each student participant must fill out the Student Delegate Registration Form with demographic and contact information.


CSU East Bay students that are interested in applying to participate in the CSU Student Research Competition will need to submit a 5-page research summary to the Center for Student Research. The CSU East Bay Committee on Research will review the summaries and select a delegation of ten individuals or teams to attend the system-wide competition. To submit your research summary for consideration or for more information contact

The rules governing the written Summary are as follows:
The summary must include the name(s) of the student(s) and the title of the presentation.

  • The narrative may not exceed five doubled-spaced pages. Use fonts and margins that ensure legibility.
  • Appendices (bibliography, graphs, photographs, or other supplementary materials) may not exceed three pages.
  • Research that has human or animal subjects involvement must have appropriate institutional review.
  • It is expected that the student will not make an oral presentation by simply reading directly from this summary.

We will notify student applicants by late February 2018 about whether they have been chosen to represent CSU East Bay at the Statewide Student Research Competition.


Students will present their work orally before a jury and an audience.  Students will compete by discipline category and, where feasible, by class standing (undergraduate/graduate), as described above in “Who May Apply.”  Each student will have ten minutes for an oral presentation of his or her work and five minutes to listen and respond to juror and audience questions.  All entrants may use audiovisual materials as appropriate, and presenters are encouraged to use delivery techniques that promote interaction with the audience.  Entrants in the Creative Arts and Design category may present an audio and/or visual record of a performance they have given or a work they have created; their oral presentation should focus on the rationale and historical context underlying their interpretation of the material.

Each entry (oral presentation plus written summary) will be judged on the following:

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Appropriateness of methodology
  • Interpretation of results
  • Value of the research or creative activity
  • Ability of the presenter to articulate the research or creative activity
  • Organization of the material presented
  • Presenter’s ability to handle questions from the jury and general audience


The competition site for the 2019 Annual CSU Student Research Competition is Cal State Fullerton.

Based on the recommendations of the jurors, cash awards will be provided to the outstanding presenter and the runner-up in both the undergraduate and graduate divisions of each category. If the undergraduate and graduate divisions of a category have been combined because there are fewer than four presenters in one division, awards will be provided to the outstanding presenter and the runner-up without regard to class standing. In the event there are five or fewer presenters in a session, only the outstanding presenter will receive an award.


Student questions should be directed to the Center for Student Research. Please e-mail or telephone (510) 885-7335.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: 5:00 pm February 15, 2019
Late submissions will not be considered.

The Center for Student Research (CSR) Scholars’ Program offers Scholar development workshops and supports faculty-mentored research and creative activities. These types of activities are known to give students more frequent and more individual attention and feedback from CSUEB professors, which can result in increased academic success. The CSR also awards tuition scholarships to Scholars who attend CSR development workshops, as well as grant opportunities to receive funding for travel and supplies. CSR Scholars are freshmen through seniors as well as graduate students who vary in GPA, major, race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and educational experience. The CSR is looking for students who are passionate about their future. Check out the CSR website or follow them on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook (@csrcsueb) for more info to apply.


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