Faculty and Staff

Members of the English Department faculty and staff are available to answer your questions about the various programs and courses offered by the Department and to guide you in your English studies. Please visit them during their office hours, call them (or leave messages on their voice mail), or send them email messages. You will find telephone numbers, office locations, and email addresses in the University Faculty Directory.


Eileen Barrett, Ph.D.

Twentieth Century British Literature
Women’s Literature, LGBT Literature
Feminist, Queer, and Literary Theory
Photo of Debra Barrett-Graves

Debra Barrett-Graves, Ph.D.

Shakespeare & Renaissance Literature

Photo of Jacqueline Doyle

Jacqueline Doyle, Ph.D.

Ethnic American Literature
Nineteenth-and Twentieth-Century American Literature
Women's Literature
Memoir and Creative Non-Fiction

Photo of Susan Gubernat

Susan Gubernat, M.F.A.

Creative Writing (Poetry)
Poetry and Poetics
Contemporary British and American Poetry

Photo of Stephen Gutierrez

Stephen Gutierrez, M.F.A.

(Director of Creative Writing)
Creative Writing (Fiction)

Photo of James Murphy

E. J. Murphy, Ph.D.

Medieval British Literature
Renaissance British Literature
Classical Literature

Photo of Sarah Nielsen

Sarah Nielsen, Ph.D.

Interim Department Chair, Academic Year 2015-6

Teacher Development
Extensive Reading
Photo of Ke Zou

Ke Zou, Ph.D.

Coordinator of TESOL, Academic Year 2015-6

English Language and Linguistics


Associate Professors

Eve M. Lynch, Ph.D.

Graduate Coordinator

Nineteenth Century British Literature
Eighteenth Century British Literature


Margaret Tomlinson-Rustick, Ph.D.

Coordinator of Writing Programs

Composition Studies


Professors Emeriti

Charles DeBose, Ph.D.

English Language and Linguistics


Jacob Fuchs, Ph.D.

Eighteenth Century British Lit.
Twentieth Century American Fiction
Classical Lit


K.M. Lant, Ph.D.

Nineteenth Century American Literature
Women Writers
Technology and Teaching


Sara McAulay, M.A.

Creative Writing (Fiction)
Women's Studies
Modern American Fiction


Zelda Boyd, Ph.D.

Nineteenth Century British Lit.
Medieval British Lit

Photo of Marilyn Silva

Marilyn Silva, Ph.D.



Alison Warriner, Ph.D.

Composition Studies


Full-time and Three-year Lecturers

  • Michael Rovasio, M.A.
  • Cynthia Andrzejczyk, Ph.D.
  • Sartaz Aziz, M.Phil.
  • Scott Bentley, M.A., M.F.A.
  • Sally Baxter, M.A.
  • Mary D'Alleva, M.A., M.F.A.
  • Ingrid Hufgard, M.A.
  • Dale Ireland, M.A.
  • Aaron Jason, M.F.A.
  • Rochelle Nameroff, M.F.A.
  • Dore Ripley, M.A.
  • Marina Sapozhnikov, M.A.
  • Jeff Scott, Ph.D.
  • Paul White, M.A.
  • Georgie Ziff, M.A.

Annual Lecturers

  • Chris Blood, M.A.
  • Tammara Burton, M.A.
  • Nina Ghaffarian, M.A.
  • Sujin Lee, M.A.
  • Dabney Lyons, M.A.
  • Leslie Marron, M.A.
  • David Paonessa, M.A.
  • Patricia Raburn, M.A.
  • John Robinson, M.A.
  • Karen Seneferu, M.A.
  • Jill Sumstad, M.A.
  • ChenXia Zhu, M.A.


Michelle Barreiro, Administrative Support Assistant
Office: MB 2579
Phone: 510.885.3151
Email: mica.barreiro@csueastbay.edu

Department Chair

Sarah Nielsen, Ph.D. (Acting Chair AY 2014-5/Interim Chair AY 2015-6)

Email: sarah.nielsen@csueastbay.edu

Ke Zou, Ph.D. (Summer Chair 2015)

Email: ke.zou@csueastbay.edu

Office: MB 2575
Phone: 510 885-3151

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