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Internships at CSU East Bay are defined as formal work opportunities that integrate a student's academic program with their career aspirations.  Formerly called “Cooperative Education” and now called “Internships” every student will now have the chance to take an internship course for academic credit through their major department or through General Studies (GS). Internship courses may be numbered differently when comparing majors however with the change in language to "internships" every major will have the opportunity to use the course numbers 3898 / 4898 for undergraduate and 6898 for graduate internships. Existing internship courses will not be replaced by the 3898/ 4898/ 6898 internship courses unless faculty choose to do so.  

In the event an academic department develops an internship course, we recommend faculty to use the internship course numbers 3898 / 4898 undergraduate and 6898 graduate for EO1064 assessment purposes.  

Because CSU East Bay values the internship experience, it is expected that internship courses follow a consistent framework across campus.  Internship courses require the following process from faculty teaching an internship course:

-  Internship sites should have a current MOU, contract/agreement (per Executive Order 1064) on file with the University (in the S4 system).

- Each student should have a signed university waiver on file (per Executive Order 1064) for their internship placement (in the S4 system).

We recommend internship courses align in the following ways:

3898 Internships:  Introduction to professional development and internship readiness (suggested sophomore year).   

4898 Internships:  Professional development and internship placement (suggested junior/ senior year).

6898 Internships:  Professional development and internship placement (graduate) 

*"For the purpose of (Executive Order 1064) ‘internship’ does not include teacher preparation placements or clinical placements such as for nursing, counseling, physical therapy or occupational therapy.”  This would also exclude teacher observation and teacher supervision experiences and are subject to university rules and regulations through their academic department and are expected to utillize the appropriate course for required experience. For more information please visit: The Center for Community Engagement 

Student taking an internship placement course should receive the following experience:

  • Syllabus stating how many expected hours for internship (example: 1 unit = 40 - 60 hours) 
  • Advising as needed from faculty regarding internship experience 
  • Mid semester check-in 
  • End of semester internship assessment and exit interview 
  • Student reflection assignment and participation in the Internship Showcase

It is through committed faculty and staff that CSU East Bay is able to provide a comprehensive applied learning experience for our students. We are gracious for their time and passion for students academic and professional success!    

Internship sites must agree to:

  • Internship site must register through the S4 system and abide by all Univeristy requirements
  • Internship site is committed to an onboarding process for CSU East Bay intern   
  • Internship site must commit to connecting academic content to work experience 
  • Internship site must commit to mid semester check-in with CSU East Bay intern and University 
  • Internship site must commit to exit interview and assessment of CSUEB intern

S4 processing timeline: 

  • If a student would like to be placed with an internship site, it can take over a month to have a contract fully executed.  The first step in the process to becoming a internship site is for the community partner to complete the Center for Community Engagement's Community Partner Request to Initiate Partnership Form. This form is only available to departments and courses using S4. For access to the form email


On campus internships

Although we encourage students to have an off site internship experience, there are oportunities here on campus that fullfill the internship experience.  Departments must utilize GS 3893, 4898, 6898 as a designated internship class connecting the students major to the internship expeirence. If you would like more information on how to establish an internship please email:

Journals, Articles, & Publications


Papers and Reflections

Attention: Faculty and Staff teaching an internship course. If you would like to recommend a student to showcase their internship experience on our internship website please email: with student contact information and we will follow up with student to see if they are interested in sharing their experience with our campus community.  Please consider this opportunity for Winter and SPR final projects/ reflections.    

Risk & Liability

There is always a level of risk involved when coordinating internship opportunities for students.  Please refer to our campus policy regarding risk and liability

To report an incident please email:

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