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Internships for Academic Credit 

Finding an internship experience is a student driven process.  This means we encourage you the student to start early in researching and applying for an internship placement. Due to the lengthy internship selection process it is best to start no later than the semester prior to when you expect to start your internship experience.  

Steps to finding an Internship opportunity:

  1. Students are responsible for finding their internship placement prior to registering for an internship course. To locate potential internship opportunities visit our GET HIRED website.
  2. Once you find an internship placement obtain an offer letter. 
  3. Students are responsible for informing their internship site to register through the CalStateS4 system by completing the Request to Initiate form.  Note: The approval process in CalStateS4 may take up to 10 business days. 
  4. To meet with the Internship Coordinator email:

Steps to enrolling into an Internship course for Academic Credit:

  1. Watch CSUEB Instructional video:
  2. Speak with your Major Department to see if academic internship courses are offered and if so, what is the  timeline and process to be enrolled into the internship course.
  3. If your major does not offer an academic internship course, you may register for:
    • GS 398 Internships: 1 unit hybrid to focus on professional development & internship readiness.  In this course you are not in an internship placement.  The goal of this course is to support the students search in finding an internship and or an entry level job in their major career field.   
    • GS 498 Internships (Undergraduate): 1 unit hybrid to focus on professional development & internship placement   
    • GS 698 Internships (Graduate): 1 unit hybrid to focus on professional development & internship placement
    • To enroll into GS 398 students may enroll during open enrollment. 
    • To enroll into a GS 498/698 course log into CalStateS4 and complete the Student Internship Intake Request form. Select which GS course you would like to register for. You will be asked to upload your offer letter from your internship site.  If there is no offer letter attached you will not be added to the course. 
    • Offer letter must include contact information of employer, start and end dates, supervisors name, expected work hours per week, internship description/ working title, and on company letterhead. 

Minimum academic requirement to enroll in an Internship course:  

  • You must be in good academic standing and not be on academic probation 
  • You must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 (Undergraduate) and GPA of 3.0 (Graduate)
  • The internship must be related to your major/career
  • You must have an internship offer before you register for the course (dependent on course)

Students enrolled in an Internship course need to:

  • Log-in to CalStateS4
  • Select Internship site
  • Follow registration process: 
    • Safety Video
    • Safety Quiz
    • Enter emergency contact information
    • Enter learning outcomes and learning plan
    • Review and sign risk and liability 
    • Upload offer letter.    
      • If you are an international student, CIE will meet with you after these stepd have been completed
  • Click here for a visual step by step on the CalStateS4 registration process  

Once enrolled in an Internship course students should consider:

  • Complete hours for internship site placement (typically 30+ hours)
  • Request for faculty advising when needed 
  • Complete mid semester check-in
  • Complete end of semester internship assessment and exit interview
  • Complete student reflection assignment(s)
  • Participate in the internship showcase at the Internship Faire in the Fall (stipend opportunity)

To sign up to attend an information Session this Semester email: 

Useful Resources


  • CSUEB does not recommend students accepting a non-paid non-credit internship experience for safety and liability reasons. CSUEB requires all partners to abide by our Federal, State laws, and Executive Orders and regulations.  

Non Academic Credit Internships

Non Academic Credit Internships
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