Academic Internships

Internships for academic credit are an effective way for you to gain work experience in your field of study before graduation.  Having an internship is like creating a road map for career success. Studies show that 7 out of 10 internships may turn into full-time jobs.  We encourage all undergraduate and graduate students to complete at least 1 internship experience prior to graduation.  Attend Internship Week, Career Fairs, Internship Bootcamps, and meet with a career counselor. Our office can help you!  

Steps to finding an Internship opportunity:

  1. Meet with a Career Counselor email:
    1. Develop/create your resume and cover letter
    2. Application search and submission assistance
    3. Interview practice
    4. Salary negotiation strategies
    5. Dress for success tips and events 
  2. Locate potential internship opportunities visit our GET HIRED website.
  3. Once you find an internship placement obtain an offer letter 
  4. If you would like academic credit for your internship experience continue to read and watch video below

Steps to enrolling into an Internship course for Academic Credit:

  1. Speak with your Major Department to see if academic internship courses are offered and if so, what is the  timeline and process to be enrolled into the internship course.
  2. If your major does not offer an academic internship course, you may register for:
    • GS 498 Internships (Undergraduate): 1 unit hybrid professional development & internship placement   
    • GS 698 Internships (Graduate):  1 unit hybrid professional development & internship placement
  3. To enroll into GS 498 & GS 698:
    • Log into CalStateS4 and complete the internship placement form in CalStateS4
    • Your site must be an approved site in order to complete form
    • If your site is not listed, the site will need to complete the RTIP form
    • Once site is approved log into S4 and complete form
    • You will need to upload your offer letter in S4. Please ensure your offer letter has the following:
      • Offer letter stating this is an internship placement indicating student name
      • Temporary position
      • Site describing your position as a training/ learning work experience
      • Employment location/ contact/ letterhead
      • Dates of employment (must match with term of enrollment)
      • Number of hours per week
      • Paid or Nonpaid   

Minimum requirement to enroll in an Internship course:   

  • You must be in good academic standing and not be on academic probation 
  • You must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 (Undergraduate) and GPA of 3.0 (Graduate)
  • The internship must be related to your major/career
  • You must have an internship offer before you register for the course (dependent on course)
    • Offer letter must include contact information of employer, start and end dates, supervisors name, expected work hours per week, internship description/ working title, and on company letterhead
  • Check with major department for additional requirements

Students enrolling in an Internship course for academic credit:

The student registration timeline can take several weeks to complete due to the required online forms and internship site registration process. We HIGHLY encourage students to begin their internship registration process the semester prior to enrollment if possible. Follow the Academic Student Guide process to secure your internship for academic credit:  

Step 1: Check your pre-requisites

Make sure you are eligible to enroll in the internship class you plan enroll in by checking the class prerequisites and enrollment criteria. Contact the class instructor to confirm if necessary.

Step 2: Find an Internship

There are many ways to find an internship! These include searching job aggregators and company websites, using personal contacts, and career events. We recommend using our  GET HIRED website .

Step 3: Get Your Internship Approved

If you do not see your internship site on CalStateS4 "Sites" page, this means the employer needs to complete our Request To Initiate Partnership process. Students are required to complete the Student Internship Site Request form: 

This form allows CalStateS4 to send a request to your internship site and faculty teaching your internship course. After completing the form, your employer contact will receive an instructional email requesting that they register through the CalStateS4 system to become an approved site. We will notify you when an approval decision has been made. This timeline can range from a week to 2 months depending if the employer legal departments may need to get involved for review of our MOU contract legal language. It is suggested that this process begin as early as possible to avoid push back of internship start dates. 

Step 4: Complete Internship Course Intake Forms

If you completed the Student internship site request form you will receive an email notifying you when your internship is approved. You will not be able to complete this next step until you receive this email.


  • You will need an offer letter with the following: Letterhead, start and end date, employer contact information, job description, paid or not paid indication (your request will not be approved if information is not provided) 
  • If your offer letter was an email you can print it as a PDF

Proceed to complete the Internship Intake process:

  1. Go to and log in
  2. Click the internship button at the bottom of the page to request for enrollment in an internship course for academic credit
  3. Complete the short form, upload offer letter, and submit
  4. On your home screen, click Place and complete the required forms.

You will receive an email once your intake request has been processed.

Step 5: Place in CalStateS4

The faculty teaching the internship course for academic credit will review your request for enrollment and will approve or deny your request. You will receive an email notification within a week of submission. If your intake request was successful, your final step is to complete your placement.

  1. Go to and log in
  1. Click View My Placements
  2. Select your internship placement (eg. Placement #140000)
  3. Click the green Assign Course button
  4. Under Course , select the internship course
  5. Click Save Changes

You have successfully completed all the registration and placement steps for your internship.

*International students: CIE will receive an email notification once you complete this final step. You can schedule to meet with CIE regarding your CPT at this time.

Once enrolled in an Internship course students should consider:

  • Complete hours for internship site placement by logging hours in S4 (typically 30+ hours)
  • Request for faculty advising and review of Safety & Etiquette video when needed 
  • Complete mid semester check-in
  • Complete end of semester internship assessment and exit interview
  • Complete student reflection assignment(s)
  • Participate in the internship showcase at the Internship Faire in the Fall (stipend opportunity)

Once you complete your internship experience and would like to volunteer to be a student panelist at an internship information session email: 

Right To Work

DACA / AB540 / Undocumented

Students may use their work authorization (or a valid ITIN to be paid as an independent contractor. If student has an ITIN, make sure it has not expired. Find information on ITIN expiration and renewal here: IRS. If student has work authorization, check status to ensure it has not expired. Work authorizations through DACA are renewable every two years. If you need to renew your DACA, contact the Undocumented Student Resource Center (USRC)


Not sure if you have an ITIN? Consult with your parents - If they  claimed you as a dependent on their income taxes, you may already have one.  If you do not have an ITIN, you can learn how to obtain one through the ITIN GuideIRS or the Independent Contractor Forms video from Immigrants Rising.

International Students

International students (F-1 visa holders) must obtain work authorization, such as CPT, OPT or Economic Hardship, before beginning any off-campus employment.


If you are a current international student at CSUEB, please confirm your off campus employment eligibility with CIE before applying for internships. If you have already completed your program of study, you must have OPT approval and your internship must meet the OPT requirements. Contact the CIE: Center for International Education for more information. 


  • CSUEB does not recommend students accepting a non-paid non-credit internship experience for safety and liability reasons. CSUEB requires all partners to abide by our Federal, State laws, and Executive Orders and regulations.