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Internship Opportunities

California State University East Bay (CSUEB) is committed to building partnerships with internship sites that choose to host an internship experience at their job site with the intention of connecting academic content to career experience, learning specific career skill sets needed for their profession. All sites wanting to partner with CSUEB must abide by the U.S. Department of Labor's description of Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act.  

At CSU East Bay, we are required to collect information about the positions you wish to offer our students for academic credit. We use the CalStateS4 system to collect this information. In conjunction with Handshake, we provide a streamlined workflow that allows you to offer our students both pre-approved credit-bearing internships or report internship information necessary for us to award credit after you have selected a student to fill your internship position. 

Posting Internships In Handshake

Request to Initiate Partnership (RTIP)

The RTIP is meant for employers to initiate a partnership with CSUEB, identify selected student intern(s), and to post open opportunities at their site on CalStateS4. First time hosts are asked to complete the Request to Initiate Partnership (RTIP) form:

Once the forms have been completed and submitted a member of the academic internship team will review your submission. Please allow two business days for this review. You may receive follow up emails from our team requesting clarifying information if required.

Partnership Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding

Once your partnership request has been approved to proceed, you will receive an email asking you to sign a Learning Activity Placement Agreement. You can find a sample of the agreement here:


Do not sign this sample agreement. An official copy of the electronic MOU will be issued to you (or the appropriate person you identify) via email. The MOU is electronic and can be signed and returned online.

Once we receive your signed agreement we will approve your account in CalStateS4 and you will receive one final email inviting you to create an account. With this account you will be able to submit future academic internship opportunities quickly and simply for approval.

*Paid internships will by pass the RTIP MOU requirement when being processed per CSU Chancellor Office guidelines regarding paid internship MOU requirement. Employer sites are required to submit the RTIP and update opportunities to allow student(s) to complete placement in CalStateS4.

Submitting Additional Academic Internship Opportunities

If you have additional academic internship opportunities now, or in the future, you can submit them using the existing account once it is approved and you have created your password. To access you account:

  1. Navigate to CalStateS4  
  2. Click “Community Partner Login”
  3. Log in using your email address and password
  4. On the dashboard, under “Your affiliated sites”, click Edit Site Information
  5. At the top of the page, click the Opportunities tab
  6. Create an opportunity
    1. If you would like to enter a new position
      1. In the top right corner, click the green “Add New Opportunity” Button
      2. Complete the New Opportunity form and submit
    2. If you would like to re-approve an previous opportunity (use it as a template)
      1. Click Copy next to the opportunity you wish to copy
      2. Modify the submission entries as needed and submit

Please allow two business days for your opportunity to be reviewed. A member of the academic internship team will reach out to you if any clarification is required. Once approved, students will be eligible to receive credit for this opportunity. If you are providing this information in advance of recruiting students for the corresponding position, we will indicate in Handshake that your opportunity will be tagged as “Pre-approved for Credit!”

Adding New Contacts

Use this option when:

  1. You Have additional people who want to register academic internship opportunities for your organization for CSU East Bay students, or
  2. You know that your organization has already partnered with CSU East Bay for academic internships but you don’t have an account?

Simply navigate to and complete the form. A team member will contact you if necessary. 


A student has asked me to register their opportunity, but I already got it approved?

Refer the student to the and we will assist them. If the position is not approved we will reach out to you with further information on how to register. 


  • CSUEB does not recommend students accepting a non-paid non-credit internship experience for safety and liability reasons. CSUEB requires all partners to abide by our Federal, State laws, and Executive Orders and regulations.  
  • There is always a level of risk involved when coordinating internship opportunities for students.  Please refer to our Internship Guidelines and the Employer Guidelines that address risk and liability compliance.
  • To report an incident please email:

Internship site best practice for a great experience!

Plan to "welcome" your intern!

Plan a "Welcome Schedule" to welcome your new intern to your internship site.  Review safety and expectations with your intern the first week they arrive. For examples see our Safety & Etiquette Video.

Check-In with your Intern

Pre plan engagement activities during meetingsmid term check-in agenda's and exit interviews to ensure your intern is learning and having a great experience.

Assessing your internship site experience

If your internship site is registered with S4, you will be asked to complete the CSUEB post assessment.  This will help us meet your site needs for future placements. 

Is your internship site accessible?

For more information on creating a welcoming environment for student with special needs.  Please contact Accessibility Services.