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Internship Opportunities

California State University East Bay (CSUEB) is committed to building partnerships with internship sites that choose to host an internship experience at their job site with the intention of connecting academic content to career experience, learning specific career skill sets needed for their profession. All sites wanting to partner with CSUEB must abide by the U.S. Department of Labor's description of Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act.  At CSUEB there are 2 pathways for CSUEB on campus department and offsite employers seeking to advertise their internship opportunities:


1. Academic credit (Paid/Non Paid):

Not for profit and profit register online at: Calstate S4

2. Paid & no academic credit:

For profit register online at: Handshake 


  • CSUEB does not recommend students accepting a non-paid non-credit internship experience for safety and liability reasons. CSUEB requires all partners to abide by our Federal, State laws, and Executive Orders and regulations.  
  • There is always a level of risk involved when coordinating internship opportunities for students.  Please refer to our Internship Guidelines and the Employer Guidelines that address risk and liability compliance.
  • To report an incident please email:

Internship site best practice for a great experience!

Plan to "welcome" your intern!

As they say in business "first impression" is everything.  Try to welcome your new intern by preparing for their arrival.  Don't wait until they arrive.  Plan a "Welcome Schedule" to welcome your new intern to your internship site.

Check-In with your Intern

Try not to wait until the last week week of your internship timeline to ask your intern how they are doing in this new role.  We expect sites to pre plan check-ins throughout the internship experience.  Pre plan check-in meeting agenda's and exit interviews to ensure your intern is learning and having a great experience.

Assessing your internship site experience

At the end of every internship experience it is important to assess the relationship with CSUEB and student placements.  If your internship site is registered with either S4, Pioneer Jobs, and or Grad Higher you will be required to complete the CSUEB post assessment.  This will help us meet your site needs for future placements.

Is your internship site accessible?

For more information on creating a welcoming environment for student with special needs.  Please contact Accessibility Services.
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