General FAQ's

Please visit the OneWeb Bay Card Website and log in with your NetID and Password. Follow the steps to easily add money to your account with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express only). There are no fees to add value to your account using a credit card.

Yes, you can use Digital Bay Card to print at the printers Touchless Printing located around the campus

Contact the Service Desk for assistance or give the Bay Card office a call.
Follow the instructions here to reset your Net ID password.
Yes. A $10 fee will be charged to issue a new card. For housing residents please visit the housing office.
No. Adding Bay Bucks to your card is optional but Bay Bucks is the only payment method accepted for printing on-campus and other services.
BayBucks, including Guest account funds, left on the BayCard with more than twelve (12) months of no activity are considered inactive.
Yes. The bookstore accepts Bay Bucks for all purchases.
No. The Cashier's Office and CashNet payment system do not accept Bay Bucks at this time.

If you lose your Bay Card we recommend deactivating your Bay Card account by logging into the OneWeb Bay Card Website. Please click here for directions for deactivating. Deactivating your Bay Card will put a freeze on your account and will not be able to be used.

If the card was lost, a replacement fee of $10.00 will be charged and a new card issued. No replacement fee will be charged if the card has been reported as stolen to University Police and you are able to show proof.

The found Bay Card should be returned to the cashiers office, location: SA1200

Flex Dollars purchased through Chartwells

For more information please visit: https://dineoncampus.com/csueb

Flex Dollars that are required through a housing meal plan for housing residents. Only housing residents have mandatory flex.

For more information please visit the Student Housing Website

Yes. You will need to use your Net ID and password to login.
Yes, cash can be deposited by using the ITC machine at the Library on the Hayward campus.

Yes. Please download the Bay Card mobile app. Click here for download instructions.

Mobile payment is available at dining outlets around the Hayward campus, look for the QR code near the cash register. Please click here for mobile payment instructions.

There are two ways to check your balances.

  1. By logging into the OnceWeb Bay Card website. Click Here
  2. By logging into the Bay Card mobile app. Click Here

Users can unregister a mobile phone using the mobile app or by calling the Bay Card Office.

Click here for instructions.

No, You can only use the Bay Card app on one smart phone and/or device at a time.
You first need to unregister your old smart phone then you can register your new smart phone by downloading the app and successfully logging in.
You must present a valid form of government-issued photo ID to receive your Bay Card. Acceptable forms of government-issued photo ID include a U.S. or foreign passport/visa, U.S. driver’s license, U.S. state- or federal-issued ID, U.S. military card or permanent resident card.
At select locations, you can use your QR Code instead of swiping your Bay Card.  Please Click Here To Find Out

Please click here for instructions.

If you have any further questions please visit the library.

You have a maximum of 120 days from the date the unauthorized transaction appeared on your Bay Card account statement to request a reversal. We recommend reporting it as soon as possible to expedite the resolution process.
When reporting an unauthorized transaction, provide us with as much relevant information as possible, including transaction details (date, time, amount), any supporting evidence you may have, and a written explanation of why the transaction is disputed. The more information you provide, the smoother the investigation process.