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What is the Bay Card?

The Bay Card is Cal State East Bay's campus ID card for employees and students. It identifies someone as a member of the Cal State  East Bay community and can be used for a variety of activities on campus.

In addition to being your primary form of identification on campus, it is also your campus library card. It can be used to check out equipment in various departments and shown for entry at campus events.

  • Location: Student Services & Administration Building (SA) 
  • Email: baycard@csueastbay.edu
  • Phone: 510-885-CARD(2273)

Photo Station Locations:

Concord Campus - Academic Services Building Lobby

Lassen Hall - Student Housing Residents Only


You need The Bay Card and Bay Bucks on campus for:

  • Printing
  • Copying

You may also use The Bay Card and Bay Bucks on campus for:

  • Dining
  • Vending
  • Pioneer Bookstore Purchases
  • Checking out Library Materials
  • Duplicating Services
  • Recreation and Wellness Center (R.A.W.)
  • Student Health and Counseling Services
  • Associated Students Inc. Business Center


In addition to the other uses of The Bay Card, students living in Student Housing will also use it to enter apartments and residence hall buildings.

For more information about the Bay Card in Student Housing click here.

For information regarding Bay Card requirements for online students please visit our online students page.

The  Bay Card is just as important to staff and faculty as it is to students. Not only is it your campus ID card, but you can also add Bay Bucks, and purchase meal plans.

Staff and faculty can also use their Bay Card for work-related copying and printing in their department.

  • To purchase a staff & faculty meal plan click here.
  • For information regarding department printing and copying click here.
  • For some staff and faculty, their Bay Card can be used to access doors and buildings across campus. For more information on using your Bay Card as a key card click here.



The Bay Card is used to access your Pioneer Dining meal plans and FlexDollars, which are completely separate from Bay Bucks. However, all campus dining locations will accept Bay Bucks.

Understanding the Difference Between FlexDollars and Bay Bucks

  • FlexDollars are distributed by Pioneer Dining for use at campus locations.
  • Bay Bucks is money stored in a separate account managed by the student or employee.
  • Students living in Student Housing are required to have a meal plan. Their meal plan will be loaded onto their Bay Card to use around campus.
  • Students, Faculty, and Staff can purchase meal plans and flex dollars through the Pioneer Dining Website.

Locations Accepting Bay Bucks

 Beverage & Snack Vending Machines

Pioneer Bookstore Convenience Store

Pioneer Kitchen

Einstein Bros Bagels

In the Library

  • Starbucks

In the New University Union

  • Panda Express
  • Subway

In the Old University Union

  • Urban Revolution
  • Pizza Hut
  • Taco Bell
  • Market

In the Recreation and Wellness Center

  • Jamba Juice

How To:

If your card is lost or stolen, it is imperative to cancel it immediately. Log in to the Bay Bucks website and report it, even if you don't have Bay Bucks on your card. Click here to learn how to deactivate your Bay Card.

Reporting your card lost or stolen immediately helps ensure any Bay Bucks you have in your account are protected.

Please visit the Bay Card staff in the University Library to obtain a replacement card. Be prepared to show your police report if you reported the card stolen, otherwise, there will be a $10 charge to replace a lost card. If a police report is filed indicating the card was stolen, this fee is not applicable.

Student Housing Students and Employees

Bay Cards for Pioneer Heights students and employees contain additional coding in order to access door locks. Please report your lost Bay Card to the Student Housing Office.

Guest cards are to be used by patrons of the Library and the campus that do not possess a Bay Card. Guest cards are primarily for use at the University’s Library but can also be used where Bay Bucks are accepted.  Students, Staff, and Faculty are expected to use their Bay Card to use services at the Library. 

Guest cards will be available at both Hayward and Concord campuses. Guest cards will be $1.00 per each card.

Hayward Campus

Guest cards will be purchased from the WavePoint machine located by the Learning Commons.

  • Guests cards are purchased by patrons at $1 per card.
  • Balances are considered inactive if 12 months of no activity.
  • Guest cards can only be purchased with cash at WavePoint machine.
  • Patrons use WavePoint machine to reload Bay Bucks onto the guest card
  • There is no way to transfer funds between guest card and Bay Card


Concord Campus

Guest cards will be purchased at the Concord Cashiers Office.

  • Guest cards are $5.00 each
    • $1.00 for guest card and $4.00 worth of Bay Bucks preloaded
  • Funds are non-refundable and cannot be combined or purchased in larger denominations.