Charlene Abendroth Outstanding Lecturer Award

The Abendroth Outstanding Lecturer Award, commemorating the late Charlene Abendroth’s significant contributions to the College of Business and Economics, was established to recognize part-time faculty who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and have actively involved in academic and career advising and other activities. Each academic year, one CBE lecturer receives the Abendroth Outstanding Lecturer Award which carries a cash stipend with it.


A nominee

  • must be a lecturer in CBE who teaches classes in the current academic year
  • must have one of the SA, PA, IP or SP statuses, and must be “participating”
  • must receive a recommendation from nominee's Department Chair 

Supporting Documentation

In addition to the nomination form, an application should include evidence of excellence.  Examples of evidence are as follows:

  • Record of excellence in teaching, e.g., student reactions and peer evaluations
  • Activities of academic and career advising, committee work, and other non-teaching activities that support CBE’s mission
  • Publications related to teaching methods
  • Published textbooks or textbook chapters

Previous Award Recipients

  • 2011 - Gary Wishniewsky
  • 2012 - David Murray
  • 2013 - Neil Librock, Accounting & Finance
  • 2014 - Raymond Clark, Accounting & Finance
  • 2015 - Farhad Sabetan, Economics
  • 2016 - Jeff Newcomb, Marketing & Entrepreneurship
  • 2017 - Rick Choy, Management
  • 2018 - Tom Bagwell, Marketing & Entrepreneurship
  • 2019 - Madeline Damkar, Management
  • 2020 - Tim Silva, Management