Dean Jay Tontz Innovative Teaching Award

Each academic year, one CBE Innovative Teaching Award, which carries a cash stipend with it, is presented to a CBE faculty member to acknowledge excellence in innovative teaching practices that have had a significant, positive impact on student learning.


A nominee

  • must be a CBE faculty member, either full-time or part-time
  • must have one of the SA, PA, IP, or SP statuses, and must be “participating”
  • must have a recommendation from the nominee's Department Chair

Supporting Documentation

In addition to the nomination form, an application should include evidence of excellence. Examples of evidence are as follows:

  • Record of innovative teaching practices
  • Data that show innovative teaching’s positive or significant impact on student learning
  • Published research articles related to innovative teaching


Previous Award Recipients

  • 2017 - Robert Loveland, Assistant Professor, Accounting & Finance
  • 2018 - Ya You, Assistant Professor, Accounting & Finance
  • 2019 - Stephanie Seitz, Assistant Professor, Management
  • 2020 - Lan Wu, Professor, Marketing 
  • 2021 - Asha Rao, Professor and Associate Chair, Management