The College Link Program supports its students academically both inside and outside the classroom.

In-Class Shadows (Virtual)

For Zoom-based courses, in-class shadows virtually accompany CLP students to their classes. The goal of a shadow is to be a discrete, source of support to the CLP student. Professors can have varying expectations regarding classroom etiquette and classes can have a variety of structures and formats in college. In-class shadows are there to help CLP students adapt to the expectations of each class, by offering discrete prompting in the classroom. In-class shadows remind students about the expected behavior, help facilitate interaction with peers for group activities, and ask CLP students prompting questions to make sure they are paying attention to important information delivered in class. In-class shadows are there to prompt the student to interact directly with professors and peers, thereby developing self-advocacy skills in CLP students.


Many students struggle with the lack of structure in higher education settings. Often, in college, students will attend classes for only a few hours per day, but it is expected that they are engaging in several hours of independent study. To help structure this time spent not in class, CLP students come to the CLP lab Monday-Friday when not in class. The CLP Lab serves as a "home-base" for many of the students in the program. In the CLP lab, academic coaches are present to help students create daily to-do lists, support students with maintaining their focus on the assignments and provide some academic support with assignments.