The College Link Program (CLP) supports students in four different domains. Please note: COVID-19 has necessitated changes to some aspects of the supports listed below.


Transition Into the Program

  • Entry into the program begins with a comprehensive process involving students, family members and relevant university professionals (including College Link and Accessibility Services staff)
  • This process involves determination of a student's present academic, social, independent living and career skills
  • The CLP staff develop a University Education Plan (UEP) – which has a similar intent as a high school IEP, but is not a legal document
    • This involves establishing individual goals and benchmarks to monitor progress
  • We establish a privacy agreement which allows staff to share student information with parents, instructors and relevant academic community members

Program's Supports

  • CLP welcomes communication with relevant caregivers to coordinate support. We serve as liaisons to faculty and campus staff members
  • We provided one-on-one support with time and task management, organization, wellness support, and academic/independent living skills coaching
  • CLP also facilitates structured study groups for homework completion
  • The program presents facilitated opportunities for social engagement with peers in both College Link and the larger campus community


The College Link Program is also involved in the research and development of campus-wide initiatives to support students with ASD. This research also provides CLP with important measures of student development in specific areas:

  • Pre- and post-test standardized measures of independent living, social and academic skills
  • Regular assessment, development, and monitoring of University Education Plan goals