Application Process

At the College Link Program (CLP) we are committed to serving as many students as possible. We have limited capacity and a selection process is necessary. We encourage prospective students to get in touch with CLP early (about a year before starting at CSUEB) and to stay in contact throughout the application process.

Step 1) Learn About the Program

A year before you plan to attend Cal State East Bay, reach out to the CLP Program Coordinator, Paulina Berumen to find out the date and time of our next Informational Session and to sign up. The Informational Sessions.

Please note that Informational Sessions are not held in December, January, August, or September, due to the preparation needed for the start of the semester. 

Step 2) Apply to CSUEB

For more information on how to apply to Cal State East Bay, please see the Prospective Student Services and the Office of Admissions. If you have questions about a special admissions process, please contact Accessibility Services. 

Students typically apply to Cal State East Bay in October of their Senior Year of High School. 

Step 3) CLP Application Process

Students usually receive offers of acceptance to Cal State East Bay between November and April 1stIf you are denied acceptance to Cal State East Bay but plan to appeal that decision, you may proceed with this next step.  Please do not seek a referral until you've received an offer of acceptance (or denial) to the university.  


We recommend doing this as soon as you receive your offer of acceptance. 

  1. Make a welcome appointment with Accessibility Services.
  2. During your welcome appointment with Accessibility Services, express that you are interested in joining the College Link Program (CLP) . 
  3. Accessibility Services will submit a referral on your behalf once our referral period opens. CLP will begin accepting referrals on Monday, March 27th 2023. To account for Accessibility Services Counselors' work schedules, all referrals received during the week of 3/27 - 3/30 will be treated equally, as received at the same time. CLP will remain open to accepting referrals all summer until all spots are filled. Students must have received an offer of admission from the university, or be in the process of seeking an admissions appeal prior to requesting a referral.
  4. College Link Program will contact you to setup an interview. The purpose of the interview is for the College Link Program to get to know the applicant better and for the applicant to get to know the College Link Program better. Based of the interview, the College Link Program will then determine if the applicant will benefit from and actively participate in the program.

We will notify interviewees a couple days after their interview whether they are offered a place in CLP. If we receive a referral in early April, it is possible for us to provide applicants notice of placement in CLP prior to the university's deadline for applicants to accept offer of admission to Cal State East Bay.

Please note- acceptance to CLP is offered on a rolling basis. Interviews (and consequently, acceptance) is offered in the order that referrals are received, provided the applicant is a good fit for the program. Historically, it has taken the program a couple weeks from the opening of its referrals to fill the program. However, in the event that more referrals are received than spaces available during the week of 3/27 - 3/30, and all candidates are a good fit, a lottery will be used. 

CLP only accepts first-time freshmen beginning each fall semester. 

Please see our Program Fees page for fee information.