Application Process

At the College Link Program (CLP) we are committed to serving as many students as possible. We have limited capacity and a selection process is necessary. We encourage prospective students to get in touch with CLP early (about a year before starting at CSUEB) and to stay in contact throughout the application process.

Step 1) Learn About the Program

Please view the scheduled dates for our Informational Sessions and sign up for one on our webpage. 

Please note: CLP only accepts first-time freshmen beginning each fall semester.

Step 2) Apply to CAL STATE EAST BAY

For more information on how to apply to Cal State East Bay, please see the Prospective Student Services and the Office of Admissions websites. If you have questions about a special admissions process, please contact Accessibility Services.

Students typically apply to Cal State East Bay in October of their Senior Year of High School.

Step 3) Apply to the College Link Program

Students usually receive offers of acceptance to Cal State East Bay between November and April 1st. If you are denied acceptance to Cal State East Bay but plan to appeal that decision, you may still complete the CLP Application (Click here). Please do not apply to CLP until you've received an offer of acceptance, or plan to appeal a denial, to the university.

When completing the CLP application, be prepared to provide one or both of the following documents:

  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • Assessment related to Autism Diagnoses (Ex: Psychology Evaluation, Speech and Language Evaluation, etc.)

*You may also include, but are not required to, a referral letter from you high school teacher(s) or school counselor(s).

CLP Applications for 2024- 2025 school year will open November 1st . Be sure to submit your CLP application before March 15th for priority interview consideration. After March 15th, applications will only be reviewed if openings remain in CLP.


Step 4) CLP Interview Process

After reviewing your application, CLP will contact you to schedule an interview. The purpose of the interview is for CLP to get to know the applicant better and for the applicant to have a full understanding of CLP and the expectations in place for participating students.

  • The interview will take place on the Hayward campus.
  • Please be prepared to allocate three (3) hours for the interview. It is expected that at least one guardian is present as part of the interview process.
  • Please note interviews are typically held at the end of March and into April.
  • We strive to notify applicants of their acceptance by May 1st.