Fraternities & Sororities

Recognized Greek Letter Organizations at CSUEB include nationally affiliated as well as local and regional fraternity and sorority chapters. CSUEB Greek Letter Organizations promote scholarship, provide numerous leadership opportunities, and participate in a wide variety of community service activities. CSUEB Greek Letter Organizations also provide members with the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships that enhance the college experience. 

AB524: Campus-Recognized Sorority and Fraternity Transparency Act

Dear Campus Community,

Sororities and Fraternities have been influential in building community, fostering friendships, service, and leadership. To meet the requirements set by the Campus-Recognized Sorority and Fraternity Transparency Act (AB 524; Sections 66310-66312 of California Education Code), every California institution of higher learning must report information on the recognized fraternities and sororities organization’s academics, service hours, addresses of the chapter homes, mental health services, sanctioned events and their conduct. This is a mandatory report, but we hope it will highlight the Fraternity and Sorority Life community and their contributions as well as show they are responsible campus community members.

Below you will find an annual report of CSUSB's Campus-Recognized Sorority and Fraternity Transparency report.