Hosting Events

As an officer to your club/organization, you will have access to create and submit event request forms for your organization. Requesting an event will allow you to keep record of the event on your club/organization's portal, request the reservation of campus spaces for your event, and request resources (technology, tables, chairs, etc.) for your event. All of your club/organization's events should be submitted through this process. 

First, you'll want to find a space that is available for the day/time that you are looking to host your event. 

To see what campus spaces are available, please utilize the links below. 

Once you've found the space you want to request, follow the process below.

1. Click Here to login into BaySync.

2. Complete the On-Campus Event Registration Form.

3. Once you hit “Submit,” stay tuned for final event approval by your Student Life Advisor. Pending and approved status will also be noted in your BaySync portal. Approved status means you have received approval from your Student Life Advisor and your event venue has been approved.

Also, note that your Student Life Advisor will communicate with you about the event (ask questions, post the room reservation confirmation, etc.) via BaySync.

Cash Advance or Cash Reimbursement

As an officer of your club/organization, you can access money in your club/organization's account to use on any events you're looking to host. If you need to purchase food, supplies, or decorations (under $500), you may either do a cash advance or a cash reimbursement. A cash advance is where you receive the money in advance to make a purchase. A cash reimbursement is when you make the purchase with your own personal money and later get reimbursed out of your student club/organization's account. 

You may not use this process to pay for guest speakers, services (printing, photographer, DJ, etc.), or transactions that are over $500 regardless of the type of transaction.

To do a cash advance/reimbursement, follow the steps below.

1.  Go to Student Life and Leadership Programs (New UU, 2011) to obtain approval  from your Student Life Advisor

2.  Bring the approved Funding and Reimbursement Request Form to the University Club Finance Coordinator at The Bay Card/Club & Organization Finance office, located on the second floor of the SA building, between 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (follow the red arrows)

  • University Club Finance Coordinator will sign your form
  • If the request is for an advance, the student will sign that they are aware that the original receipts are to be returned within two business days of event
  • Student will proceed to Cashier (first floor of SA) to receive funds

3. Proceed to the University Cashier

  • Reimbursement/Advance Request is submitted to cashier
  • You sign for receipt of funds

4.  Return original receipts to University Club Finance Coordinator within two business days of event (for advances). You must also provide copies to your Student Life Advisor.

  • Student Life and Leadership Programs approval form and receipts should be neatly taped to an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper showing items and total amount
  • Officers have been authorized by the organization to have access to the organization’s on-campus bank account as long as they have completed their Officer Recognition and Renewal Training Form. Monies collected in the name of the student club/organization must be maintained in a bank account of the university. Any exceptions to this requirement [e.g., national affiliated organizations or local organizations with a separate 501(c)(3) status] must be approved by the campus CFO or designee. At no time shall a student club/organization deposit funds into an unauthorized bank account.


Paying for Services, Travel, or Transactions over $500

If your student club/organization is looking to pay for any services, travel (conference related expenses), or transactions over $500, contact your Student Life Advisor with at least three weeks of anticipation to figure out the best way to make the financial transaction. 

Getting the word out on campus about your organization and its programs is a critical part of building your organization and attracting new members. In the section that follows, we've identified and summarized the primary ways to publicize your organization on campus.

Approved Locations for Posting

Students, recognized student organizations, faculty and staff of the University, and non-university individuals may post signs on bulletin boards (indoor and outdoor) and kiosks designated as "General Bulletin Boards." NO approval required.

Departmental bulletin boards are identified, controlled and maintained by specific departments, and only materials approved by that department are allowed to be posted.

University bulletin boards are for posting of official University documents and announcements. Other posted materials are subject to removal.

General Bulletin Board Posting Guidelines

  • Signs, posters, brochures, announcements, and notices are NOT to exceed 17 inches by 22 inches. (Larger posters must be approved by Student Life and Leadership Programs.)
  • Signs not meeting the educational goals and mission of the University or containing fraudulent information are strictly prohibited.
  • Signs, advertisements, and announcements must be identified with the name of the organization responsible for the event/ activity.
  • Signs may not be posted more than fourteen (14) days prior to the event and must be removed no later than five (5) days following the event.
  • Student organizations may be charged for cost incurred in the removal of signs or repair to University property due to improper postings.
  • Duplicate signs on the same bulletin boards are subject to removal.
  • Signs shall be posted by thumbtacks or staples only. Other methods of posting which damage a bulletin board will subject the student organization to liability for damages.
  • Removal of signs, other than by the posting party or University personnel acting in pursuant to their duties, is prohibited unless the sign announces an event which has passed.
  • Signs written in a language other than English must contain an English translation.
  • Postings not in compliance with these guidelines will be removed.

Illegal Posting

The posting of signs on building surfaces, windows, glass doors, benches, utility poles, sculptures, garbage receptacles, railings, trees, traffic control signs, and sidewalks is not allowed.

Placement of written/printed materials on vehicle windshields is prohibited. Violators are subject to all charges incurred for the clean-up of such littered materials on campus grounds.

Banners/Building Exteriors

Recognized student organizations may reserve designated locations on the exterior of University buildings to post banners. Banners posted on University buildings may be posted for a maximum of two weeks and only to advertise events for which University approval has been obtained.

Student organizations must reserve space through Student Life and Leadership Programs in order to hang banners in the following approved banner locations on campus:

  • Library - (South) - facing the food stands.
  • Library - (North) - facing Music & Business.
  • Library - (South) facing the University Union.
  • Library - (North) facing Physical Education.
  • Music/Business - South entrance on the east or west wall.
  • Meiklejohn Hall - Railing at north entrance on east or west railing.
  • Physical Education - Main entrance and west wall.
  • North Science Building - 2nd Floor railing.
  • Top of Library / Warren Hall stairwell - railing facing Warren Hall.
  • Concord Campus - as approved by the Coordinator of Student Affairs.

Each club may reserve a maximum of three (3) spaces per week. Each organization is generally allowed a maximum of two (2) week per quarter for displaying their banners. The sponsoring organization is responsible for placing and removing banners and for cleaning up any tape or twine used to affix the banner to the building.

Student organizations must reserve space through the University Union in order to hang banners along any of the University Union railings.


Additional Publicity Resources On-Campus

  • Digital marquees


All approved student events are listed BaySync, under the Student Life and Leadership Programs portal. If you have a special event that is not listed or wish to post additional information about your event, please contact

Student Life and Leadership Banner Supplies

Student Life and Leadership Programs maintains supplies (paper and paint) for organizations to make banners. Please check in at the front office (New University Union, Room 2011) for access to these resources.

Providing Food at an Event

If a club/organization plans to use an off-campus catering service, they must provide a business license, a health permit, and proof of insurance to their Student Life Advisor.

You must complete an event request (see above) within the timelines established by Student Life and Leadership Programs to have an event with food.

No home preparation of food for public consumption is allowed.

Events with food must adhere to Alameda County Food Handling Requirements. FOOD SAFETY is your primary concern if you are having an event with food. If any members of the organization will be serving the food, they must have a food handlers license (that you must provide a copy of to your Student Life Advisor). Otherwise, make sure that the food is self-serve.

For some activities you will be required to complete an activity waiver. Your Student Life Advisor will notify you when this needs to be completed. Please use the link below to complete the form.

Student Activity Waiver