Community Engagement


Building on the College of Education and Allied Studies’ long-standing community partnerships, CRECE enhances and expands collaborative relationships throughout the Northern California with the goal of 1) supporting our partners in growing social justice-focused educational practices, 2) providing career support for our graduate students and alumni, and 3) building a network of social justice-focused educational practitioners throughout the Northern California.  In turn, this supports the preparation of future and current students.

Related Projects:

  • Leadership Institute: The DEL Leadership Institute is an annual event that showcases DEL candidates’ research in the field. This event also provides a time to discuss and develop CRECE research and school district partnership activities. Lead: Dr. Peg Winkleman. Leadership Institute Programs:  2018, 2019, 2020
  • Alumni Outreach: CRECE maintains an alumni database. An alumni leadership committee consisting of 3-5 program graduates helps oversee events and communication. The alumni network holds at least one alumni event per year that brings together graduates to network, dialogue, and continue their research and writing. Lead: Dr. Katie Strom
  • District Leadership Outreach: This community cultivation effort consists of regular visits to area districts to discuss district development and research needs and seek ways to provide support in these areas by DEL and CEAS faculty and graduate students. Leader professional learning requests are then be addressed through CRECE by CSUEB faculty and alumni. Lead: Dr. Ardella Dailey

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