Student and Alumni Opportunities

Student and Alumni Research Opportunities

CRECE coordinates with faculty to recruit and supervise doctoral students who qualify for the federal work study program to serve as research and teaching assistants. In this role, students work 10-20 hours per week engaging in research and teaching activities and related mentoring that will prepare them to lead their own research projects and courses in the future.

As a research assistant, duties can include working with faculty to conduct literature reviews, design empirical research studies, collect and analyze data, engage with theory and conceptual frameworks to interpret data analysis, and craft research reports.

As a teaching assistant, duties can include working with faculty to conceptualize course objectives, design activities, select readings, facilitate course activities and discussions, and assist students in a one-on-one capacity.

Current Work Study Research Assistants:

  • Ashley Koch, research assistant to Kathryn Strom
    • Research Project: Network for Emergent Socio-scientific Thinking, Smithsonian Institute
  • Stacy Southern, research assistant to Mari Gray
    • Research Project: Educational Experiences of African Americans in Northern California schools during the Great Migration
  • Maria Leyson, research assistant to Kathryn Strom
    • Research Project: Evaluation of the Equity in Mathematics Assessment Project (EMAP)

Work Study Research Assistant: Socio-Scientific Education Focus

Position description: Join Dr. Katie Strom in conducting a literature review and engaging in other research projects in partnership with the Smithsonian Science Education Center's new project, the Network for Socio-Scientific Thinking (NESST). NESST is a network of educators, scholars, scientists, youth, and activists from all over the world working together to help change the way people think about science and life on a sustainable planet. "Socioscientific thinking" refers to the complex, relational, interdependent perspective required to learn about "socioscientific issues"--that is, complex issuues at the intersection of science and multiple other dimensions (society, culture, ethics, economics, politics, etc). Socioscientific issues include climate change, COVID-19, biotechnology, and so on. The research assistantship will including reading, analyzing, and writing about trends in socio-scientific thinking literature and related fields; attending research meetings; and other research-related duties as assigned.

Requirements: Eligible students must qualify for the federal work study program, have a current FAFSA, and have science-related experience (e.g., been a science teacher, studied science, etc). 

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