Listed below are some resources and frequently used forms for graduate students. If you have additional questions, please contact the Graduate Student Success & Service Center at (510) 885-2419 or email

  • Registering  MYCSUEB – Remember to verify your class enrollments
  • Checking your grades – Approximately 7-10 days after the close of the semester, grades are available online at MYCSUEB
  • Requesting Official Transcripts – Current students and students who have graduated since 1995 may order transcripts online at MYCSUEB or by calling 1-888-290-0688.
  • Blackboard – The Blackboard program provides an electronic community and communication environment for faculty and students, as well as a course management system for faculty wishing to place course information on the web. Once you register for a class you are automatically added to the Blackboard account for each of your classes. Instructors may list the course syllabus, office hours, email address, homework, lectures, etc. online for students to access. Some courses also have chat rooms where students enrolled in all sections of a particular class can chat about the course content – Canvas Web Site
  • Need a tutor? Visit the Student Center for Academic Achievement (SCAA) located at LI 2550 – (510) 885-3674 – SCAA – The SCAA provides help in English, Math, and Statistics. They also offer workshops in Time Management, Effective Study Skills, and Preparation for the Writing Skills Test (WST).
  • Institutional Research & Assessment - Testing Office – WA 245– (510) 885-3662– Testing Office
  • Looking toward the future? Visit the Academic Advising & Career Education – SA2300 – (510) 885-3621. Academic Advising – Explore careers, find internships, get information on job fairs/recruitment events, attend workshops, and more.