Administrative Services Clear Induction Program


Applications Open on Cal State Apply

Opens: October 1, 2023

Closes: June 15, 2024

Department Application Opens: October 15, 2023


Fall 2024

Program Duration

2 years

Program Completed

Administrative Services Clear Induction 

Cohorts are offered on the Hayward Campus starting in the fall semester. This two-year program will allow you to clear your Preliminary Administrative Services Credential and meets the CTC new requirements.

Cal State Apply Application Tutorial

Cal State Apply Application Tutorial






Program Features

  • Two-year program
  • Monthly seminars and ongoing individual coaching
  • Classes are taught by scholar-practitioner faculty recognized by the CTC as leading experts in the field of educational leadership for social justice, with a breadth of experience as leaders in early childhood, school communities, professional development, special projects, district office support, and the superintendency
Department of Ed Leadership Application Tutorial

Department of Ed Leadership Application Tutorial






Program Components

  1. Individual Induction Plan (IIP) serves as a foundation for the candidate’s personalized learning experience throughout the Program. Each student is expected to create a portfolio on the California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSEL). The portfolio should contain two parts.
  2. Coaching: Each candidate is assigned a coach and site based sessions are designed to provide job embedded support and individualized learning opportunities. Coaches and candidates participate in monthly course seminars to engage in professional learning and growth experiences. Candidates meet with coaches to discuss progress on IIP and plan for observations, coaching site visits and additional relevant professional learning activities.
  3. Professional Learning: Monthly Seminar Course Format. Candidates are provided with opportunities to meet with critical friends/job alike groups to identify promising practices and discuss questions related to the CPSEL activities.

The California State University East Bay Department of Educational Leadership offers a job-embedded, site-based, individualized coaching program and professional development seminars as an approved pathway for clearing the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC). The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) authorizes the completion of an approved Administrative Services Clear Credential Induction Program as the only option for completing the Clear Administrative Services Credential.

Certification of the completion of all training requirements is accomplished through a two-year program that includes one-on-one coaching with a skilled administrator, an individualized leadership growth plan, and professional learning seminars as well as a culminating portfolio representing two years of leadership development as an instructional leader based upon the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSEL).


This program meets the new CTC standards. Course list subject to change. Tier II is a two year program. You will take two classes per semester. Classes meet one Saturday per month from 9am to 1pm.

Year 1


EDLD 681 Coaching and  Assessment Practicum I (2 units)
EDLD 685 Managing an Organization and Developing a Collaborative Culture (1 unit)


EDLD 682 Coaching and  Assessment Practicum II (2 units)
EDLD 686 Professional and Community Development (1 unit)

Year 2


EDLD 683 Coaching and  Assessment Practicum III (2 units)
EDLD 687 Developing an Inquiring Community (1 unit)


EDLD 684 Coaching and  Assessment Practicum IV (2 units)
EDLD 688 Political Social Context in Education (1 unit)

Program Cost

$2,708.50 per semester

Applicants must complete BOTH the Department and the University application processes.

Fall 2024 Application Dates: 

University Application: October 1, 2023-June 15, 2024

Department Application: October 15, 2023-June 15, 2024

1. University Graduate Admission Application 

    • Complete the Online University Application: Set Degree Goal to Second Bachelor's Degree and Teaching and Service Credential Only.
    • For your Major/Program Objective, select:  East Bay Credential: Clear Administrative Induction Credential Program
    • Submit all official transcripts from all schools (Check the status of transcripts required in your MyCSUEB account which is activated after you submit the University application.)  Note: If you graduated from CSUEB, CSSC will attempt to retrieve your final transcript, however, you will need to provide it if we are unsuccessful in doing so.

  • Pay the $70 university application fee to submit the University Application.

2. Department Application 
    • Complete the Online Department Application with $25 non-refundable application fee    

required documents to be uploaded to the Department Application:
    • Current Resume
    • Copy of Basic Skills Requirement (e.g., CBEST)-Basic Skills Requirement (BSR)-Satisfactory completion of the Basic Skills Requirement (BSR) (e.g., CBEST); submit a copy of your score report. California law requires that all educators meet proficiency in the subjects of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.  Individuals may satisfy the basic skills requirement in one of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) approved methods listed in Basic Skills Requirement (CL-667) (BSR). This is the same document used to obtain your teaching credential or approved and signed BSR Evaluation Form

    • Copy of current Preliminary Administrative Services Credential
    • Verification of Employment as an Administrator Form 
      The form must be signed by district human resources or credential personnel. You need to be employed as an administrator under a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential to be admitted to the program. Once you complete the program, you are not eligible for the Clear credential until you have two years of administrative experience under your Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

These items must be uploaded as a part of your department application.

Tuition & fees information     (For tuition/fee purposes, the Clear Admin Credential is considered a graduate program. Please refer to the Graduate column for tuition/fee information.)

*For further program information, please contact Dr. Peg Winkelman at

Program Coordinator

Dr. Peg Winkelman

Program Instructor

Dr. Ardella Dailey

Credential Student Service Center

(510) 885-2272